Capture Kill Release (2016) – Movie Review

Capture Kill Release (2016) - Movie Review

Apologies for this late review – I’ve been a bit quiet over the last fortnight or so and this should of been posted at least a week ago…

But better late than never!

I stumbled across Capture Kill Release on one of the dodgy Putlocker sites (dot ac – not dot com!) and the front cover screamed out ‘Found Footage’ to me.

Had no idea what to expect, what country the film was from or whether or not it was a professional offering.

I was pleasantly surprised…

The Plot

Capture Kill Release follows the rather twisted love affair between a couple hell bent on trying out murder…well…for a laugh really!

They both seem to be heading in the same grizzly direction, and want the same disturbing outcome…until one of them gets cold feet…

Meticulous Work

All too often this genre is infested with indie efforts that have been thrown together in a ‘hit and hope’ situation. This generally leaves good ideas floating about in a swamp of amateurism.

Thankfully, Capture Kill Release is a step away from these cardboard cutouts!

It’s not a new plot subject for the Found Footage genre, in fact it’s been used many times before, but seldom has it been used to this effect…with this amount of meticulous work put into it.

When you back this up with truly horrifying performances (in a good way!) from leads Jennifer Fraser and Jon Gates – you have a rather enjoyable Found Footage experience.


As I mentioned above, this is NOT a new plot subject within the Found Footage universe. To be honest, when I realized we were walking down this plot path again I was more than a little disappointed.

But I stuck with the film because it was evident that something full of quality was brewing from the first few scenes…and I was right!

The film takes no time at all in throwing you right into the f##ked up world of these young lovers – there’s no slow burn here!

The audience is instantly introduced to a young couple who are planning, extensively, to capture some random victim, kill him/her and then dismember his/her body in a bath.

The character ‘setup’ or ‘direction’ seems to be evident from the start as well…

Jennifer Fraser’s female character is extremely chilling yet at the same time kind of bubbly – think of a cross between a popular student union president and Ed Gein.

Her continued excitement throughout the film is more than a little disturbing – it’s electrifying at times.

Her partner in crime, Jon Gates, seems to have nailed the ‘not too sure about this idea’ setup to a tee. By the end of the first few scenes we realize he is totally in love with his twisted partner…but he does not share the same enthusiasm as she does…

The execution of the film really is top class, it’s not a classic by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s made a name for itself due to the careful thought process put into it’s journey.

From start to finish – every scene has a purpose…and that’s not normally the case with a Found Footage film.

A enjoyable and original journey through the homicidal and psychopathic mind of two similar, yet very different characters.

Definitely worth watching.



  1. Hey there, have you heard of a new 2017 flick called The Dark Tapes? It’s supposed to be this V/H/S style anthology where each story has its own supernatural occurrence that’s getting really good reception. I wanna check it out but I’m not sure how I feel yet. Think you can find it?

    • Hi Christine!

      I have heard of it but I’m struggling to find it at the moment – there are a few other regulars to this site that are looking out for it. It seems like one of those films that may slip under the radar a bit…

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