Chasing The Devil ( 2014 ) – Left Me Feeling Pretty Flat!

Chasing The Devil ( 2014 )

Every time I think about this film I sort of get that ‘meh’ feeling going through my mind and I feel a little unfair because of it. This film is by no means terrible but it does have it’s fair share of naff incidents.

No Idea

When I clicked on Chasing The Devil I had no idea it was a found footage effort – it was just a horror flick that had very average ratings on IMDb. The first scene had our main character (Patrick) speaking to the camera warning us:

“If someone else is watching this footage please stop………………..”

Quite a nice touch really – a little pretentious but it worked well for Found Footage purposes. I quickly grabbed my review pad and a pen and sat back down to get through this surprise of a Found Footage film.

Feeling Flat

The film was filmed through a high quality camera and the overall look of it was really clean – I still left it feeling flat!

There was this feeling of ‘naff’ all through this film and I couldn’t manage to shake it.

So we gather from the intro that Patrick’s sister was institutionalized for trying to attack the Pope and then she died under strange circumstances. Yes you did read that correctly – she tried to kill the Pope, in broad daylight, with her bare hands from what I could tell……

Yeah naff!

So Patrick hires the help of a group of paranormal investigators ( yawn! ) to aid him in his quest for the truth to discover why his sister ‘kicked the bucket’.

Naff Alert: The paranormal investigators go by the name of Parashooters.

Sometimes it becomes very, very hard to take a film seriously……….

Movie or Found Footage

The more the film went along the more I was confused over what genre it was – movie or Found Footage?

The actors seemed decent except for the bearded guy from Parashooters – another geek dragged off the street to act in a horror flick!

The camera work became a little ‘to good’ after a while and I was left wondering how many people they had on the filming side. There was supposed to be a couple of guys filming but the camera angles were coming in from all directions at times – where did these extra cameramen come from? **** knows!

The Actual Horror

The actual horror side of Chasing The Devil was pretty good and I have no real complaints there. The video diaries of his sister are quite creepy and effective and early on in the film we get a guy sticking a screwdriver in his eye for no real reason – nice!

When the ‘devil’ starts to pay a visit we see the more typical nighttime Found Footage shots but one really stood out in originality.

In this shot we see the group getting out of bed one by one and in a trance state holding up a letter they’ve written to the cameras in their rooms. They are left to decipher the message from the letters the next morning.

There are also pretty gory ends to some (if not all!) of the characters which worked kinda well. Sometimes a little gore can only help a lagging horror flick!

Do You Remember ‘Fallen’?

You know the one – that Denzil Washington horror from 1998 (a damn good film overall!). Well Chasing the Devil has decided to steal one of the main traits of this film and use it in a Found Footage fashion.

It worked out pretty well though so I really shouldn’t be slating the idea – the demon jumping from body to body so fast they cannot keep up with it!

As I said it was a completely ripped off idea but it did work really well (or should I say it was done well?).

For this period of the film every character was wearing a ‘chest camera’ and these types of shots worked – much better than the main camera work!


The main problem with Chasing The Devil is that I had no real Empathy with the characters. After the first half an hour I couldn’t really give a shit if they lived or died or what happened to his sister.

IMDb is usually very tight with it’s votes so I’m surprised this got over the 3 mark! It’s not bad and it’s not good – it’s somewhere in the middle.

With most Found Footage horror I don’t mind sitting through them for a second time for the purpose of a review – I wouldn’t sit through this again if I could help it!

It was an indie attempt and it did have some enjoyable parts but not enough to keep me interested.

Whether or not is has enough to keep you interested remains to be seen…….



  1. Im confused…looks like theres 2 movies with same title. One has a greenish cover with a girl screaming.

    • Yeah it’s a pretty common name for a horror film really. This particular one is on solarmovie.ws at the moment in the horror section (obviously!). They tend to have a lot of low budget FF films there ( some of them are terrible mind ).

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