Chronicle ( 2012 ) – One of The Top Superhero Movies of all Time?

top superhero movies of all time

So we’re now onto another big blockbuster here with Chronicle – could this be one of the top superhero movies of all time? Chronicle took the found footage genre a new direction into the superhero domain and the results were quite surprising…..

A New Kind of Hero

I first watched this movie in poor cam bootleg quality (gasp!) as it had only just been released in the cinemas in the US. My friend had already quoted it as being one of the top superhero movies of all time but he always exaggerated (especially when he had managed to see a film before me!).

I was a little put off by the superhero element at first as I like my found footage HORROR and nothing else. I like to be freaked out – I don’t really like to be amazed by a flying man (well maybe I did when I was 8!).

So I went into the film with a little apprehension if I’m honest with you – partly to do with the superhero element and partly to do with the fact my mate had seen it before me (childish I know!).

One of The Top Superhero Movies of all Time

Yes it really is one of the top superhero movies of all time – no arguments from me in that respect. I thought it soared well above the heights of the recent Marvel revival movies with Robert Downey Junior and the rest of the crew.

I even thought it out-played the recent Dark Knight Trilogy with some ease. It was highly impressive except for one nagging little flaw that just would not go away………

Have You Ever Seen Akira?

I’m afraid Chronicle seems to have stolen a large part of it’s make-up from a well known Manga classic. It may well be one of the top superhero movies of all time but that is for a reason – the story was tried and tested by Manga a couple of decades ago.

I shouldn’t really have a problem with this as Hollywood constantly steals good ideas from the Asian countries but I just couldn’t get away from the similarities in the story in parts.

The Actual Story……

I’ll try to give you a little taste of the story without hitting any spoiler alerts along the way. Three friends stumble upon a dark hole in the ground near a party they are attending – they decide to go down it (and why wouldn’t they? It’s only giving off a menacing noise and it’s the middle of the night!).

I’m not going to go into the characters because that to me seems like something you should figure out by yourself. Suffice to say one of them is the class geek and strangely enough he becomes the center of the whole movie!

They pick up some pretty nifty powers from what they encounter in the dark hole and before long they are secretly meeting up to demonstrate these ‘gifts’.

Sounds all nice and clean so far doesn’t it? Well it doesn’t stay that way! The tale becomes darker and darker as the powers evolve and take over the the hapless three. It’s great cinema and a great story – as I said one of the top superhero movies of all time!

It Evolves so Well

The film really does manage to evolve really well from a delightful teenagers story into a more darker science fiction film. How it manages to travel from three teenagers having fun with their new powers to near apocalypse is really impressive.

Impressive Effects

It might of been a found footage movie but that does not mean they decided to duck on the budget or effects. Some parts of the film ( especially the last half an hour or so ) were incredibly well done and very spectacular.

It’s also nice to see another young director making it big through a found footage film. Josh Trank directed this film and he was only 26 when it was completed! The writing and the way it was all put together is a credit to him – it was excellent!


Even with the obvious Akira link I still thought this was one of the top superhero movies of all time. It was fast paced and the actors slipped into each of the character’s roles with ease.

It was convincing, dark, explosive and gripping all at the same time. If you haven’t seen this found footage effort yet I suggest you get on it now – you will not be disappointed!

If you do not agree with me about this being one of the top superhero movies of all time then kindly let me know in the comment section below. I will argue…sorry, reply as soon as I can. Oh and keep the language clean if possible guys 🙂



  1. Hey,

    Awesome review.

    I’ve watched the movie when it came out back in 2012 and I immediately liked it.

    The camera shots are awesome and the directing is superb.

    It is indeed an unusual superhero movie – different from traditional type of Marvel and DC universe (much more darker feel to it overall).

    I agree with your comparison to Akira – it does sort of travel along the same plot line (loosely!).

    Can you recommend similar movies to watch as I like this genre a lot?

    • Hey Asen,

      Nice to meet you mate! Well, this site is made up of reviews of Found Footage films so take a look at the blog section of it (that’s were the reviews are kept!). You may also want to check out our Top Ten Recommendations HERE

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