Chupacabra Territory (2016) – Movie Review

Chupacabra Territory (2016) - Movie Review

Okay, so I have to give credit to James Grant for forcing my hand with this film as I initially tried to watch it about a month back…only for the twat female character of Amber to force me to turn it off.

It doesn’t happen that often, but it does happen sometimes!

Anyway, he contacted me and convinced me that the film was ‘alright’ after about 20 minutes so I gave it another go this week so I could include it here on the site.

As you’ve probably already gathered – the film had a less than impressive start out of the blocks (I’d go as far as saying ‘terrible’ if I’m honest with you!).

The actors seemed plastic, the car journey seemed strained (at best) and the female character of Amber needed a bullet through the head.

But things did pick up a little bit as the film progressed…

The Plot

I’m going to include the plot ‘effort’ penned to IMDb here because it is probably the most unimaginative and lackluster plot line I’ve ever seen…

“The Chupacabra is real and four friends will document it! Will they survive?”

Seriously, that IS the actual plot line published to the film’s IMDb page!

I mean what the f##k? Why would you spend all that time, money and effort on a film only to (try) and promote it with that bit of Shakespeare?

Absolutely hilarious so I had to mention it in the review.


Okay first things first – this wasn’t as bad as some of the late night offerings you find on the SyFy channel these days but it wasn’t in any way good.

I’ll give credit to my friend James Grant – it certainly got a lot better the more the movie traveled towards it’s climax. There were actually some good ideas in there but they were not really carried out with style.

For me, the character of Amber was a complete bag of shit for this film – I have no idea what writer/director Matt McWilliams was thinking of when he penned her.

Apparently she’s supposed to have a psychic link with this Chupacabra fella – seriously, that’s actually included as part of the plot.

I’m trying not to hit any spoilers here but that ‘link’ leads to a few disturbing scenes of Amber in a sexual trance-like state. There’s no real explanation on this – it just sort of happens now and again!

The shame about all this is that for the majority of the film the character of Amber seems to be the focal point of the story. If she’s not jerking off in the forest she’s teasing the rather lackluster character of Joe (god knows why ‘cos the girl ain’t exactly a supermodel).

I don’t know – there just seems to be too many bad decisions in this film. Maybe they were trying to aim for a more adventurous forest-based Found Footage film?

Overall the group of documentary makers were not in any way appealing or memorable. They just wander from campsite to campsite, scream a little, f#ck and run.

But, for some reason the filmmakers did decide to pay close attention to detail with the special effects – especially in the climax section.

This was a welcome addition as I’m kinda sick of groups of teenagers running away from things we don’t ever get to see!

I’m not saying these were Hollywood-level effects – I’m just saying they were more than sufficient for a Found Footage movie.

Overall the film was made up of some truly terrible scenes mixed with some pretty daring and interesting scenes. I think overall it went the wrong way – I’d say it probably slipped into the ‘shit zone’ far too often for me to enjoy.

Give it a try, as you might like it, but I didn’t.



  1. I’m sorry Chris, are we watching the same movie? Amber is annoying alright but she’s nothing compared to this other guy Morgan. He is absolutely tragic. I’m only half way into this movie right now and I don’t know if I can watch it till the end because of this dude…

    • Was he the one with the dark hair that complained a lot? If so, yes, he was pretty irritating as well… 🙂

  2. The actress who played Amber was one of the only decent actors in this thing. Absolutely horrible. The biggest problem with it is the writer/director doesn’t know the difference between a comedy and a horror film. The actors usually don’t know whether to laugh at what’s going on or play it straight. Awful. People should not waste their time with it.

    • Well I’m glad someone was impressed by her performance 🙂
      Unfortunately there are a load of FF films at this level – the more popular the genre gets the more and more of them we’ll see pop up. I was surprised to see quite a few positive reviews out there on the film…but it’s not for me either.
      Brave attempt but missed the mark unfortunately.

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