Classroom 6 ( 2014 ) – Movie Review

Classroom 6 ( 2014 ) - Movie Review

I’ve often wondered why so many Found Footage films lack originality and seem to get away with jumping on the shoulders of more successful efforts.

Classroom 6 seems to be yet another movie that takes it’s lead from Grave Encounters. To be fair, they do at least switch the location of this movie from an asylum to a school…

But that’s pretty much where the differences end!

Locked inside a building by the caretaker, talking to a camera preaching “if anyone finds this video”, all the mobile phones stop working, all the watches stop working, hiring the services of a psychic…

It’s all been done before and it’ll all be done again.

To be fair, if you asked The Vicious Brothers if they minded so many films ripping off their classic I doubt they’d be that bothered – as long as people were trying something new with the original platform! 

But in his wisdom, director Jonas Odenheimer has decided to just ‘borrow’ a few cliches from them and not really bother injecting much originality…at all! 

The Plot

The movie follows Annie ( Valentina Kolaric ), an ambitious young reporter hoping to discover evidence of the afterlife in a notorious haunted classroom ( numbered ‘6’ of course! ).

Annie somehow manages to get permission to be locked in the school overnight with a film crew – she’s looking to put the paranormal rumors to bed once and for all. 

In typical Found Footage style – this turns out to be a pretty stupid idea…


Apart from the evident lack of originality I was stunned by the incredibly slow pace of the film. I know most Found Footage efforts rely on a build but this was crawling at a snail’s pace! 

Nothing really happened until the 58 minute mark and the film is only about 78 minutes long! 

I think Odenheimer was looking at the character development side of things but this was a big mistake – you need decent actors before you end up with decent characters!


This film was way, way, way too slow to keep even the most hardcore horror fan interested. It was a bit of a pity really as the climax was pretty effective ( although a little bit short! ).

I know what the aim was here – to make the characters familiar enough to us to provoke feelings as we watch their demise. 

This is fine…when it manages to work…but it didn’t! 

By the time we got to the hour mark in the film I couldn’t really give a toss what happened to any of them. I had spent the last hour watching them pranking each other and discussing the possibility of an afterlife. 

In short – none of them were particularly likable!

Odenheimer was clearly going for more of an atmospheric vibe throughout the process of the movie but I think he slipped a little bit out of his comfort zone.

The film experience is not awful by any stretch of the imagination but it lacks anything that could be classed as genre twisting or new. 

For this reason I’d have to say that this is a pretty average Found Footage film that could of been a lot better. 

Pretty much hit and miss overall I’m afraid! 

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