Cloverfield – Actual Alien Footage?

Cloverfield - Actual Alien Footage?

This piece of so called actual alien footage is a little bit of a more upmarket found footage offering. It’s what happens when Hollywood takes notice of the money to be made in this horror genre.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing – far from it really! I’m just pointing out that this cracking piece of actual alien footage had approximately $25,000,000 to play with.

Close Encounters it Ain’t!

Yeah this is no Steven Spielberg movie so get that idea out of your head right now! There are no plant collecting aliens looking to ‘phone home’ and there is no Extra Terrestrial communication through keyboard music.

This is a gritty and totally realistic look at what would happen during an alien invasion in New York. The start of the film is like much like most other alien footage movies out there – nothing really happens except from a group of mildly likable twenty-somethings partying.

I did notice a Bright Eyes tune playing in the party scene though so this was a big bonus from my point of view (Conor Oberst rocks!).

Right Between The Eyes!

Yep, this one hits you pretty much right between the eyes and when it starts kicking…..it don’t stop until the final credits!

When I first watched the film I was unaware that J. J. Abrams had actually produced it! Now I was a complete Lost addict and this guy can basically do no wrong in my eyes – he is a science fiction god!

His influence became very apparent throughout the film as the tension grew and grew and the style and vision of the piece evolved.

The effects were outstanding especially as they were incorporated into a hand held camcorder style. The visions of New York being ripped apart by rather agitated aliens was a joy to behold.

Actual Alien Footage That Was Born From Money

What I will say before I go any further is that this was a movie that had one hell of a backing. If many of the independent producers out there had this type of money then they to would produce a piece of actual alien footage that was as good (or even better in some cases!).

This is what bugs me about pathetic efforts like the second Paranormal Activity film – a lot of money pumped into it with no real end product! Sure a little scary here and there but overall not the most memorable of experiences.

If Independent directors like Jason Day-Boisvert had this kind of money to play about with I’m sure we’d experience something special!

But that’s the silver screen of Hollywood for you guys – a media version of the Illuminati that will always control what we see and when we see it!


As always I do not want to go into to much detail on the film due to Spoiler issues that I do not want to be responsible for.

Cloverfield is by far the most impressive alien footage movie I have come across and will probably remain so for some time yet!

The actors are top notch and very believable and the characters they play develop into people we care about – people we don’t want to see die! The effects and C.G.I. are excellent and you can see where the $25,000,000 budget went.

The pace of the film is relentless and the feeling throughout is of darkness and dread. As I’ve mentioned before, atmosphere is always key in this genre and this particular alien footage had bags of it!

There were no real lulls in the passage of the film – it did start off a little slowly but then burst into life and progressed rapidly…….

If you haven’t watched it yet…..where have you been?



  1. I agree, a ton of money – and you can see where it went. Very classy piece of work; great effects, good acting and an AWESOME creature! I’d recommend it to any sci-fi/creature feature fan.

  2. Hey Chris
    You are gonna kill me.

    I have not watched the show.It looks bloody amazing.

    Gonna make it a point of watching this show!!!!I really can’t remember how I missed this one.

    Thanks for the info….by the way I too thoughth that Paranormal Activity 2 could have been better


    • LOL no problem Roopesh – can’t believe you missed this one! I agree with you on the paranormal activity sequel ( then again the originals are always the best! ) 🙂

  3. I just found this website and it’s great. Most of your reviews I agree with Chris, but this movie just annoyed me. It felt unrealistic and just not what I expected.

  4. I’m going to have to look this movie up and see what’s up with it. I too, am a J.J. Abrams fan, and Lost was epic beyond imagination. Looks like I just let you into my secret obsession wit sci-fi – what an awesome site…I can’t believe I didn’t stumble upon you before!

    That’s a point – how long have you been running this website for now?

    Regarding Cloverfield, who was your favorite character in the movie and why? I understand that you don’t like giving spoilers but honestly I don’t mind at all. I’m really interested to find out more about it…

    • Hi Christian,

      To be honest I didn’t really have a favorite character – I find most characters in the Found Footage genre as a little ‘distant’ due to them giving the illusion they are real people!

      You know what I mean – characters in Found Footage movies have to be like any old boring person you see on the train – they have to be cardboard and nothing special…that way the film has more realism!

      The site has been going about 3 years now (I think!) and has gone from strength to strength really. A lot of the visitors I get here tend to return which gives the site a fair bit of power in the eyes of Google!

      Enjoy the film mate! 🙂

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