Colares UFO Attack

Colares UFO Attack

Whenever I look back at the Colares UFO attack of 1977/78 I always envisage and Brazilian version of Independence Day. I find it a completely fascinating incident and the whole idea of the Brazilian state of Pará being invaded by UFO’s is mind blowing really!

So what was the real story behind the Colares UFO incident in December 1977 and what did it all mean?

Let’s take a closer look……..

An Alien Attack!

During the October to December period of 1977 and the early days of 1978 the Brazilian state of Para became the biggest UFO hotspot in the world. But this was slightly different from the UFO norm – this was aggressive contact!

This had nothing to do with distant ships at high altitude passing through the sky at light speeds – this was about vessels flying at low altitudes through tree tops and actually firing laser beams at people!

An Alien Attack!

People were actually harmed in these attacks – it actually happened and the witnesses lived to tell the tale. The pilots of these strange UFO’s also showed their faces – they were said to have been no more than 4.5 ft in height!

Chupa Chupa

The locals who experienced the Colares UFO attack referred to the bright lights as Chupa Chupa – the Sucker! This was mainly down to the fact that the strange vessels/lights shot beams that would leave strange scars and small holes on the skin.

All of the victims of these laser beams would complain of losing blood through the experience and then medical conditions afterwards. Common complaints were related to headaches, numbness and dizzy feelings.

It was a state of pure terror throughout the country – nobody knew why the attacks were happening and nobody knew what the strange UFO’s were!

The Unexplained…

These incidents captured the world’s imagination and towards the end of the seventies a collection of scientists arrived at Para to find the answer to the Colares UFO incident. This proved fruitless as all of them failed to come to a conclusion on the strange occurrence.

There is apparently a Brazilian military report in existence that is 2000 pages long including video evidence and photographs. It is thought to be known as ‘Operation Saucer’. There are thousands of signatures from around the world on a petition to release this illusive document – politicians, leaders, journalists and scientists have all signed it!

Part of the report is thought to have surfaced through an officer called Uyrangê Hollanda. Apparently he was the officer that was sent to interview the victims of the Chupa Chupa attacks. Out of all the victims he interviewed one stood out the most – a lady named Claudomira Paixão.

Claudomira Paixão - colares ufo attack

Claudomira Paixão had been asleep in bed late one night and awoke to see a Chupa Chupa outside her bedroom window. Through her panic she also noticed the pilot of the vessel get out and point a gun-like object at her. At first it shot a green light at her breast area and then the light turned a severe red – this is when it became painful!

She reported that this strange being wore some sort of diver’s cloth and was blinking furiously. She was positive that the gun object and the beams it shot were collecting blood from her.

Uyrangê Hollanda also reported that the frequency of the Colares UFO’s used to send locals into a panic. They would often use flares to warn one another that the Chupa Chupa were coming to prepare their rifles.

One of the men who tried his luck shooting at the craft was a carpenter in his 50’s. He fired and hit a Chupa Chupa only for it to respond by shooting a beam back at him – the man lay paralyzed for 15 days before he could move again!

No explanation by the Brazilian military has ever been offered to the people of Colares. They would not even confirm that the UFO’s were responsible for the strange laser beams of light!

The Colares UFO attack still remains one of the most fascinating alien encounters of all time. The amount of information that has been suppressed my the Brazilian Military is anyone’s guess. It’s kind of infuriating knowing that this ‘Operation Saucer’ report existed but was kept well away from the public – will we ever know the truth behind the Chupa Chupa?

If you have any new information or thoughts on the Colares UFO report please leave it in the comment section below, thanks 🙂


  1. Wow that is really interesting. I was just in Brazil and stood at the Christ Redemption so the picture is familiar. Great website with lots of interesting articles. Gave you a like on Facebook. On the topic of UFO’s, fascinating subject. My grandfather says that he was followed back to his farm house by a UFO in the 50’s. He was on his tractor and swears that he could have touched the bottom of it. It followed him for a while then went out to a paddock and hovered for 20 minutes before disappearing. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

    • Hi there Dave!

      First things first – cheers for the like on Facebook (word of mouth is what has propelled this site to the giddy heights of Google’s first pages!)

      I would love to hear more about this incident with your Grandfather – Where was he based? Where did this take place? 

      If you’ve got the time – give us another shout and let us know more about the UFO sighting in question!

      Cheers for reading AND for taking the time to leave your opinion on the subject! 

  2. So what I think about that, South America have Nazi Ufo where brutal attacked people, collecting samples, than North America, where UFO people are abductions and sometimes are returned back. What I choice, North America.

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