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  1. Hi, why don’t you write a review about this great UK film “The Borderlands”:
    i loved it because you have a real story, real characters and a ghostly atmosphere in a remote land somewhere in UK.. (forgive me i’m french!)
    Thanks for all your reviews anyway, cheers, Emeric

    • Hi Emeric! I have watched Borderlands about six months ago but I need to watch it again for review purposes ( I’ve forgotten various parts of it! ). I agree it was quite a good film with a unique story. Thanks for reminding us about it and including the YouTube link 🙂

    • I vaguely remember watching that but again I’m a little frosty on it – that’s another one I’ll have to re-watch! Nice one Emeric – as soon as you come across any films we have not covered here let us know!!! 🙂

  2. Hey man!!!Love your site!! Ilove foundfootage and have watched Exists 4 times!!! Wayyyy better than Willow Creek. Have you seen..Look or Trollhunters or Pretty dead…The Bay….Alone with her..The Den…Bigfoot County(or country)?? Oh…don’t miss Marble Hornets on you tube!!! Marble Hornets is about 70 episodes about the hunt for the Slenderman and it is addictive!!! Good Luck on your site!!All it needs is a forum.

    • Hey Tim, glad you enjoyed the site!!!
      Pretty Dead and Marble Hornets are on our radar next – I didn’t realize Marble Hornets was based on the Slenderman legend! I watched Bigfoot Country about a year back but need to watch it again for review purposes. We try and gather as much info as possible on Found Footage releases so keep it coming – there are always some that slip under the radar!
      A forum is an excellent idea – we could well look into that further and contact everyone who has left a comment when we go live with it!
      Cheers for stopping by – positive comments makes all the hard work worthwhile 🙂

      • The Den is definitely a good film. Watched it a few months back but we’ve got to cover every film on the list before we get to reviewing it ( and that’s a lot at the moment! ).

  3. Thanks Chris!!! Also liked The Frankenstein Theory…I’ll think of more. Again,thanks for the site for us foundfootage fanatics!! Im watching Apt 143 now. Marble Hornets is hard to figure out,but I gotta tell you,the kids that did this series kicked butt!!!

    • Yeah looking forward to seeing it – bookmarked it on YouTube already! Unfortunately I’ve got to write a couple of reviews on piss-poor films I watched this week first ( heads up – stay away from ‘The Warning’…..terrible found footage! )

    • Hey Tim, How’s tricks?
      Grave Halloween is a new one on me! Will hunt it down and review it this week. Did you find it online?

  4. Whoops!!! Sorry Chris….its only part foundfootage!!! I hate that crap!! Pretty good,but disqualifys itself from true foundfootage. I saw it on You Tube..Still ok,but afer rewatching it I saw my mistake. Hey,been looking EVERYWHERE for a copy of Embedded..a foundfootage bigfoot movie. Have you seen it? Was it any good?

    • LOL don’t worry, I’ve done that myself many times before!
      I’ve just made a quick scan for Embedded and I can’t spot it anywhere online. The sites that do claim to have it are only after your email address or are wanting to leave malware on your computer. That’s my new mission for the week – find Embedded! I’ve watched hundreds of these Found Footage films but I can’t remember that one.

  5. Hey Chris, have you seen these found footage films?

    The Amityville Haunting

    Devil’s Pass

    The Den

    Chernobyl Diaries

    Evidence (this is 80% found-footage, but it’s so good)

    Evil Things

    Lake Mungo

    Amber Alert

    If so, please review them! I would like to know your thoughts!

    Here’s a list of all the found footage films so far:
    Have you seen them all?

    • Hi Rosemarie.

      We’ve seen them all but unfortunately we watch so many every week we have to re-watch many so that we can review them honestly. Amber Alert and Lake Mungo were awesome so were a lot of the others. We constantly receive new releases from indie filmmakers and past releases so we try to be as fair as possible to the big budget releases and the ‘small players’.

      We are aware of the Wikipedia page but it only offers films we have already seen and are in the process of re-watching for review purposes. We only review a film immediately after watching it – we would never review anything unless we could give a fresh outlook on it.

      This last week I have had to sit through awful examples of Found Footage but they deserve the same review process as the rest ( unfortunately! ). We aim to review every title – and we will!

      We also aim to showcase all the Found Footage efforts that people are unaware of so we get backlogged heavily.

      Thank you so much for your input and your links – people can now check great stuff out from your comment alone!

      Please feel free to return and add more whenever you please – these types of comments are brilliant for the Found Footage community!

      Look forward to hearing from you again soon 🙂

      • It’s great how dedicated you are! This is very exciting. I would like to include another film for you to review soon:

        Exhibit A

        Which I’m sure you’ve already seen. I love your blog, and you’ve shown me a lot of great films to watch. I’m definitely looking forward to your future reviews!

        • I actually watched Exhibit A on a long bus journey from London to Cardiff ( on my tablet! ). It had me gripped from start to finish – some wonderful acting. We were thinking of re-watching it and reviewing it this week!

  6. Hey Chrs…I live in Los Angeles,California. I see city life daily(I was born here also).These 2 movies might not be your cup of tea,they are both foundfootage camcorder movies that gang members and street guys took of a few days of their life in the hood. They are…Gang Tapes(free on youtube),and Snow on the bluff.If you don’t have anything to watch..I can honestly say they aren’t horror foundfootage,but they are both highly entertaining!! You can check out the reviews on Amazon from other viewers. Again,they might not be ur cup of tea,I can understand that..again..they aren’t horror,but they are good..if you want to watch a whole different slant to foundfootage.

    • Hi Tim,

      These two films sound very interesting – we review any genre as long as it’s in the Found Footage style! Will look into these two this week and try and review. Thanks for stopping by and pitching in – if you find any others we may be interested in don’t hesitate to contact us 🙂

    • Yeah I really enjoyed that one myself – another one I have to re-watch for review purposes!

  7. Theres a big dvd and cd store in Hollywood,Ca called Ameba Records.Its 2 floors of cd’s and dvd’s new and used.I take dvds that I don’t want in and get a store credit to buy other dvd’s.Imagine my surprise when I went to the used dvd section and found..Embedded!!!!Quickly snatched it up and raced home to view it.Gotta say it wasn’t a bad bigfoot foundfootage.Complete with mutilated cattle,many dead bodys,and my favorite scene..when the search part is looking for whatever is killing people and cattle..the search dogs smell something and race ahead…howling ensues and one of the dogs is flung by something unseen about 30 feet in the air and about 50 feet in length landing at the feet of the search party!!! Yeah!! Alas,the one downside was one of the WORST bigfoot costumes ever!!! It looked like a neanderthal man!!! Campy but likeable actors,nice scenery,pretty good action and carnage was ruined by this laughable looking monster.Check it out Chris.let us know what you think.

    • Hi Tim,
      It’s been an absolute nightmare trying to find Embedded anywhere online! I’ve been searching even the most dodgy of film streaming sites with no luck. Looks like I’m gonna have to take the plunge and hit up Amazon for a copy ( if they have one! ).

  8. Been trying to find a site where I can watch..The Upper Footage..or Upper…anyone know???

    • I haven’t heard of Upper Footage yet Tim. I will have a look into it today. There are a ton of FF films out there that are really hard to get hold of unfortunately!

  9. Omg!!! Had been dying to see a little known foundfootage bigfoot movie{along with alien abductions and alien sightings my favorite f.f.movies} called “The Legend Of 6 Fingers”.Finally saw it …Well..this is how I see it,there are your top tier f.f bigfoot moies likeExists..then you have Bigfoot The Lost Coast Tapes(I liked that one even though critics butchered it)and Bigfoot Country.Then you have your next lower tier like.The Woodsman..Embedded,etc. Then you have the bottom of the barrel..Ted Macks Amateur Hour..i.e..The Legend Of 6 Fingers!!! Terrible acting,weak plot,stupid creature,etc. Someone finally uploaded it on youtube so the only good thing is its free!

    • Can’t believe this – I watched the same movie last night online! It was dreadful Tim and I don’t think I’ll even be writing a review for it. That foreign guy that plays the lead character is absolutely shocking. As for the first scene when they visit the woman who had lost her dog…speechless.

  10. Hey Chris…man..I hope im not wearing you out with my every other day comments.I look 4ward to viewing your site everyday and I like reading your new and old reviews.I view f. footage at least once a week and I am soooo happy that you have this site 4 us f. footage addicts(like myself).Gives me something to look 4ward to!!

    • LOL of course not Tim – we rely on our fans to supply us with info on films we’ve missed. We’ve included a contact sheet as well now ( above ) because we have so many people sending us emails a day. We also have a load of people registering with the site every day – I don’t even know where the register option is! ( they could be spammers using automated software! ). But we don’t mind at all – the more comments we get on the site the higher Google places us in the search results ( and we’re doing pretty well there at the moment! ).
      So keep em’ coming – interaction on our reviews makes it easier for visitors to decide whether they’ll watch the film or not 🙂

  11. Hey Chris,,,,,googled.”where can I view “the upper footage”? Theres a website where its pay per view. I might bite the bullet and order it. Its supposed to be about a addicts addiction or suicidal behavior foundfootage.

    • I’d always recommend being really careful with these ‘paid’ sites unless they are well known Tim ( Netfilx, Amazon etc. ). I often use a free sites like or to search out Found Footage films – if they don’t have them nobody will!!!

    • Hi Rosemarie!
      I’ve seen Skew, Prank and Madi O but I’ve struggled to find a copy of June 9 ( although I’ve heard it’s very good! ). I will be re-watching those first three before reviewing them and hopefully covering June 9 within the month 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and feel free to return whenever you find more Found Footage films you think we’d be interested in – we rely on fellow fanatics to provide us with info on any sort of release no matter what the budget!!!

        • I honestly can’t remember that one but I just read the IMDb bio and it sounds really familiar. I get through so many films I create a backlog before I end up reviewing half of them ( which means I have to watch them again the night before I review them lol ). I’ll definitely try this one out as it sounds both interesting and familiar…

          • Will do Rosemarie! Gonna have a search online for it tonight and give it a go 🙂

    • Hey Tim,
      Just watched the trailer – is it any good? I was busy watching that Nocturne Six last night ( will be reviewing it today hopefully! )

  12. Well…I liked it. There were really good scenes and veteran actor Ray Wise was good….then there were some really annoying stretches and acting. Give it a go!!!Anxious to see what you think!

    • Cool, will try that one out now when I get time! Where did you find it online?

  13. Hey…scroll down to the 15th choice as all the others are blocked.Hurry b4 they block that one!!!!

  14. Tried to watch “The Pyramid” but the version was just to grainy and dark. It was mostly underground so I expected it to be a tad dark,but geesh!!I’ll wait until I can see a better version to comment. However..rewatched Bigfoot Country again..and I really like it.The critics and most reviewers hate it(which I don’t understand},I recommend it. Slow,but keeps your attention.I coulda done without the rednecks though.

    • Hey Tim!
      Yeah watched the Pyramid about a fortnight ago but it isn’t really Found Footage ( about 50% is shot normally! ). If I’m honest – it wasn’t that good either! I haven’t seen Bigfoot Country for a while now but I can remember being surprised by the ratings it got because I also enjoyed it 🙂
      You reminded me to re-watch it for a review this week ( if I can fit it in ).
      P.S. I really enjoyed that Digging The Marrow film you recommended – will be writing a review when I get back to Wales.

  15. Omg!!! Just watched..Infliction…2 brothers embark on a violent odyssey of revenge on those who have harmed them,video taping as they go. NOT FOR THE SQUEMISH!!! Man!!! Kinda drifted back n forth to foundfootage but worth a watch.

    • That sounds pretty awesome Tim. I’ve got a couple of reviews to write today & tomorrow then I’ll give it a go. ( I might try and squeeze it in tonight if I find the time 🙂 )

  16. Man…something about this genre of film grabs me where(unlike normal movies)I can go on a binge!!!Back to back to back sometimes.Thats what happened this weekend..I had downloaded a disk of f. footage and had the time to knock some out.Alas..dud after dud after dud!!! Stay away from Last Ride and Alien know you’ve watched some losers when the best one was made by Troma Studios!!! Lol..(Real Time:Siege At Lucas St. Market).At least it kept my interest. Stephanies Image(watched this morn)was good,however Im not sure everyone will like it. A photographer video tapes her investigation into a murder/suicide. Slow,but I liked it.You tube it free.

    • Hey Tim, I like the sound of Stephanie’s Image – there seems to be a lot of new Found Footage offerings on YouTube at the moment ( which is awesome! ). Bookmarked a few to review last night!

  17. Yeah..its all interviews..but I liked it. Hey…its 7.50 am here in California..what time is it there??

  18. Had a pretty good f. footage weekend!!! Re-watched one of my favorites..”The Frankenstein Theory”!!!!! Have you seen that one Chris???

    • Yeah I watched that one about a year or so back Tim. I remember it being painfully slow but building up really well towards the end. Overall I quite enjoyed it! Will have to re-watch it though before I review it ( probably some time this month – got a HUGE backlog of FF films I watched last week to review ).

  19. Finally saw “The Upper Footage”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!! Yes!!!! 1st half slow,2nd half after drug overdose pretty good. A controversial flick from the research I’ve done on this movie.

    • Yeah we watched & reviewed it last night – thoroughly enjoyed it! Will be posting the review at some point this evening after we short out a screen shot 🙂

  20. Hey, Chris, just wanted to congratulate you for the amazing job with this website, i’m a brazilian FF fanatic and this is just what i was looking for in this few past weeks!
    I just saw Megan is Missing, which was the only film in your top 10 that i haven’t seen yet – and loved it… I’ll just leave here some love for The Last Broadcast, Evil Things, Willow Creek, The Den and Apocalyptic!
    One last thing: any thoughts on Unfriended? i’m really curious about this one.
    Keep up the good work! [ ]’s

    • Hi Christian!

      Nice to have you here 🙂
      I haven’t managed to get hold of a screener copy of Unfriended yet but I’m only hearing good things about it. Hopefully we will be able to cover it within the next fortnight.

  21. Man!!! Was I excited to get a chance to watch…Frost!! Nice visual artic atmosphere {ala The Thing)…creepy start…and then like a monkey on a greased pole..downhill.Just my opionion,some might like it.

    • I’ll be honest – never heard of it before! ‘Frost’ did you say? I’ll have a look round this weekend and see if I can spot a copy. Do you remember what year it was released Tim?

    • Hi Rosemaire,

      I’m currently waiting for a review copy of Unfriended ( which was promised to me last week ). As soon as it lands on my desk I’ll be reviewing it 🙂

  22. Yeah..Unfriended sounds really good. Btw..I finally broke down and paid(pay per view-Amazon)and knocked another one off my list…June 9 !!! Pretty good.

    • LOL, I’ve been looking for June 9 for over a year now and I refuse to pay to watch it!!!!
      It’s becoming a bit of a battle between me and the internet for that film. As soon as it gets streamed online a film company comes in and shuts up shop! I’ve never lost a battle with the internet yet so look out – a review could be on it’s way soon 🙂

  23. Wow!!! If your looking for a family foundfootage film try..Earth To Echo…not bad!!!

    • It was god then Tim? I’ve been aware of it for some time but I thought it was some sort of Disney crap! I’ll have to give it a go and review it then 🙂
      Cheers for the heads up Tim – I’ve never really covered a family film on this site before ( will be a nice change! )

  24. Well…I love f. footage sooo much,it almost has to be crap for me not to find some Keep in mind it is a little However,the kids who find the spaceship are really likeable and I thought they pulled it off. Your kids might like it also.

    • Yeah I’ll probably give it a go now Tim and see what it’s all about – it belongs on this site due to the genre ( besides if it’s bad I can blame you lol )

  25. Wow!!! To Jennifer just absolutely SUCKED for about 55 minutes,and then the last 15 to 20 minutes were very entertaining!!!

    • Hiya Tim – did you find ‘To Jennifer’ online anywhere? It’s another of those FF efforts that likes to stay hidden!

  26. I found it on Movietube. Damn…also saw Devils Backbone,Texas. 1 1/2 hrs of boredom and then a good ending!!!!

    • Cheers Tim. Yeah that Devil’s Backbone Texas was awful. Watched it a few months back but decided not to include it here in a review ( couldn’t find anything positive to say about it! )

  27. Went back to watching a oldie but goodie last night..Trollhunter!!! Really good!!! Also a friend hipped me to a couple of others that were really good..End Of Watch(a police dash cam movie)and Project X(never had heard of this REALLY good movie about a teen that wants to have the worlds biggest party ever while his parents are away).Both non horror but I was pleasantly surprised because I hadn’t heard they were f.footage.Both were wayyy better than some of the garbage I’ve been watching recently.

    • Yeah I completely forgot about End of Watch – that Donnie Darko actor’s in it ( Jake…whatever his name is! ). Project X was OK but it’s one of those films I keep putting off reviewing. Troll Hunter is awesome but I have to watch it again before reviewing – its been a few years since my initial viewing of it!

  28. Just saw…Asylum..The Lost paced,gets started right away.The paranormal investigators(led by a hot,foxy black chick)start seeing ghosts within 5 minutes of entering asylum.So that at least kept my interest.Granted,it wasn’t one of the best,but watchable. Then I watched..Happy Camp. In Happy Camp,Ca(a forest town),hundreds of people have come up missing thru the years.A young man goes looking for the truth on what happened to his young brother who disappeared one day while the 2 were out playing.Long parts of no action didn’t bother to me as I felt it was well done,and it kept me anxious to find out what was happening to all these people.The “persons missing” poster at the fire-house took up the whole wall!!! It seems(by amazon reviewers)as if Im one of a few that liked this movie.I don’t care..I did!!! Lol!! Both movies are free if you subscribe to Amazons free 30 day Prime Instant Video trial.(I think that’s what its called.So as a found footage fanatic I had nothing to lose!!!! A win-win situation!!! Again..Happy Camp..isn’t the best,but with all the duds I’ve seen recently it was pretty good.

    • Hey Tim, sorry for the delay. I watched the Asylum film a couple of months back but I’m not sure about Happy Camp – sounds familiar but I won’t know until I get in front of it!

  29. ‘A Perfect Child of Satan’ is a 21 minute short thats worth a look, tragic and brutal and a very real scenario. Adults only, not for the sensitive types.

    • Cool stuff Roasted Skulls – I love low budget offerings no matter what length they are. Will be checking this out for a review this week. ( is it a YouTube offering? ).

      • No it was included as a bonus film to accompany the DVD box set of the directors ‘Vomit Gore Trilogy’. It has since been made available as a stand alone release via the directors website I believe.

        You can view the full uncut movie here –

        • Top stuff Roasted Skulls – will be all over this tonight with a view to reviewing it for the site 🙂

  30. Chris, taking Roasted Skulls’ cue, do you watch many short found footage movies? I was thinking about it and i can’t recall watching a single one (that if you don’t consider Patterson-Gimli as FF, of course)… Can you recommend some?

    • Hello again Christian!
      Yeah I’ve reviewed quite a few of them on here over the last couple of years. I usually do a regular sweep of YouTube and find hundreds of zero-budget shorts ( about 15 – 25 minutes long ). Some of them are excellent whilst others are quite terrible! There’s one I reviewed quite a time back called Secluded House – not a bad Australian effort ( about half an hour long! ). There are many more on here but I forget their names!

  31. Hey Chris.I was thinking since the first couple of times i started reading your reviews of recommending a favorite of mine and maybe you’ve heard of it: Noroi(The Curse).It’s a japanese FF with some great atmosphere.Of course, some of the actors have the classical japanese dramatization of everything with them but that what’s make it kinda cool.

      • Hi Vald!
        I watched The Curse about a year or so ago but it’s another one that I’m a bit rusty on – I can’t remember bits of it. I need to watch it again before I review it. I can remember the ‘classical Japanese dramatization of everything’ with the actors though 🙂

        • Hi thanks for leaving that for the readers Rosemarie!

          I’ve had to remove the ‘https’ at the start of the link so I’m afraid you’ll have to type that in yourself guys! Putlocker is a great site I use frequently but it is a illegal site. If I linked directly to it Google would give me a pretty hefty slap! 🙂

  32. this site is awesome. thankyou so much to the creator for taking the time to do this. found footage isnt for the normal film gooer. its for the true film lover.this has gave me plenty of viewing hours now!! think my favorite found footage or rather mockumentary film is lake mungo. love the pace and the twists..keep up the great work on this site. i envy u lol

    • I haven’t Doyle!
      I’m away watching the Liverpool match tonight but I think I’ll give this a go tomorrow night when I’m nursing a hangover! 🙂
      Cheers for suggesting it.

  33. Please review “A Girl Like Her” (2015). It’s a found-footage mockumentary about teen bullying and suicide.

    • This sounds good Lonnette – do you have a link to it by any chance? 🙂

        I’m curious to read your review on this film. 🙂

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