Could There be Life on Other Planets

Could There be Life on Other Planets

​I’ve never been one to believe that we were actually alone in the universe – I suppose that’s part of the package when you’re a complete geek!

Over the last decade there seems to have been more of a push to search for extraterrestrial life and the media, thankfully, has picked up on this. So could there be life on other planets and if so – why have we not come across it yet?

We Have!

Yes, chances are we have already come across it but we have not been informed. Unfortunately a majority of the people on this planet would not be able to live with alien life on other planets and their religion at the same time.

Why is this? Well I don’t really know! I’m not an atheist and I don’t ever plan to be one – I believe there is something more after life. But religious sectors will probably struggle to take on the idea that there is room for a god as well as alien life on other planets!

How Big is it Out There?

So could there be life on other planets? Stop and think about this fact for a minute before you answer that question……

There are approximately 200 billion galaxies in our Universe. ONE galaxy that we know of is said to contain at least 10 billion habitable Earth-sized planets – The Milky Way. That is just one galaxy out of the 200 billion out there!

10 billion habitable Earth-sized planets

I’m not a betting man but if I was – I’d bet on these odds! The search for extraterrestrial life is happening for a reason – the numbers DO add up and the top minds on our planet have known this for many, many years.

Those Who Are Not Afraid

There are many people out there that have taken the risk in publicly answer the question on everybody’s mind – is there life on other planets?

These whistler blowers of sorts have come forward and have very strong backgrounds with verified credentials.

One of the reasons I am writing this article is because I came across a piece of work online yesterday that highlighted one of these whistle blowers – Paul Hellyer.

Now Paul Hellyer is the former Canadian Defense Minister and a BIG player within the Canadian Air Force. When a man like this starts talking about the search for extraterrestrial life we all sit up and listen.

Paul Hellyer

Paul Hellyer

He claims that decades ago we made contact with alien life on other planets and they actually warned us about the direction humanity was going. Instead of taking up their offer for help, the powers that be decided they were a threat and met them with violence (typical!).

He also claimed that after a UFO incident over Russia in 1961 the resulting investigations had shown that at least 4 different alien species had visited us on earth!

So could there be extraterrestrial life on other planets? Why don’t you ask one of the most decorated and respected military figures in Canada!

Alien Life on Other Planets – UFO’s

I think it’s got to the point now where there is so much evidence of UFO’s out there the authorities know they have lost the battle to contain it. The internet has not helped their cause – and that I’m very grateful for.

They are still trying desperately to contain it when they can – but they know the game is up and the ‘believers’ out there are onto them!

Within the last couple of months NASA has suddenly come out and said they will be shutting down their live public cams due to budget cuts – budget? NASA has a budget?

Absolute bollocks and we all know it! The only reason NASA is shutting down these popular public space cameras is because they are sick of watchers spotting UFO’s and them posting them to YouTube!

Alien Life on Other Planets - UFO's

You see NASA are replacing these older ISS cams with two new HD cams but you must pay a hefty price to use these new cams (in terms of wallet!). They realized that when they get these new HD cams up there the public would be witnessing UFO activity in HD – there would be nowhere to hide!

Alien life on other planets brought right to the comfort of your own home in HD!

The News, Media And The People

Media outlets of all kind are covering the topic – could there be life on other planets? Top scientific groups have asked the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology to pump more money into the search for alien life.

And their reasoning behind asking for such a large amount of funding put into one sector -they are 100% certain the search for extraterrestrial life will lead to contact!

The video evidence, the photos, the whistle blowers, the cover ups and leaked facts can only ever lead to one conclusion in my book……

Could there be extraterrestrial life on other planets?

I’ll let you be the judge of that!

Please leave your thoughts on the subject in the comment section below…..


  1. I think it would be awesome to discover life on another planet, with as many stars as there are in the universe you have to think there is at least one other planet out there with life…but in reality it could be one hell of a lot more!

    I wonder if I would really want to know what the government actually knows. I would like to think yes since we live each day like nothing is going on but once you learn the truth you can’t unlearn it!

    But on the flip side of the coin I would probably be disappointed in the politicians who decided to blind me to the truth.

    What are your feelings about this Chris? I know you’re supposed to sit on the fence as the admin here but I’m sure you have some deep thoughts on the subject?

    Nice article.

    • No I’m not going to sit on the fence with this Jeremy – it means too much to me!

      First off – I think it would be near enough impossible for there NOT to be other forms of life out there, our universe is only the start of things!

      There is so much evidence swept under the carpet these days, and then covered up pathetically, I guess most of us already know the answer…

      I am a believer and I always will be – we are not alone! 🙂

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