Crowsnest (2012) – Movie Review

Crowsnest (2012) - Movie Review

Don’t know whether you’ve noticed or not but Found Footage movies seem to have dried up over the last couple of months – seems to be a slight lull in producing them!

Not really a problem though – there are so many older titles out there I doubt this site will ever dry up on me!

I decided to jump back to 2012 today and cover a half decent cannibal romp I watched ‘way back when’.

It’s from the IFC Midnight catalog and it’s called Crowsnest

The Plot

Five friends, two couples and a little sister, are ditching the city for the weekend and heading off to the countryside for a little ‘chill out’ time.

In typical Found Footage fashion they manage to get pretty lost in the remote woods along the way…and end up in an area known as ‘Crowsnest’.

Oh, and one of them has opted to take his new video camera on the trip with him (naturally!).

Turns out that Crowsnest is a pretty shitty place to end up spending a weekend break…

Homicidal Hillbillies

Sometimes it’s real good to get away from the haunted asylums and anything paranormal in general – I feel as if this genre is scraping the barrel a bit with these paranormal themes.

Crowsnest introduces us to a group of homicidal hillbillies that have a worrying taste for flesh – rather interesting really!

It also introduces us to a rather sinister RV that sort of takes center stage in this story line – you see this baby coming down the road…you MOVE!

Anyway, it’s nice to take a sidestep from Aliens, Bigfoot and the spirits of mass murderers – it’s all too easy to cover those subjects these days with very little flair!


This is another one of those titles that seems to have been absolutely tanked online by at least 99% of film critics.

I’ll stop you right there and tell you…this is not a bad film.

It’s not great either – it’s somewhere in the middle!

Most movie review websites out there tend to get it all wrong (wow that’s a big statement Chris!).

They continually opt to give Found Footage films to reviewers that don’t like the genre. This is only ever going to result in one thing – hatred (and negativity…but that’s two things!).

There are plenty of stupid moments in this and it’s the ONE movie where you DO NOT go back for the camera even though it contains video evidence (I mean seriously guys – that’s a pretty f##king stupid scene!).

But the overall experience of the film is pretty decent – especially if you are a Found Footage fan.

We can go round and round in circles with one critic panning it and another saying it’s an indie gem…it’s all old news now.

The truth of the matter is this – Found Footage is a ‘love it or hate it’ delicacy – sort of like Marmite.

All you need to know is that this film is a good enough watch and it manages to tick enough FF points to survive.

If you like Found Footage – you’ll (probably) like this!



  1. I saw this one a while back. Think I’ve watched it three times total. Always creeps me out!

  2. This one had some pretty gory scenes. Like where the guy says “that hurts” and the other guy gets his hand split in half. Other than that, this one was pretty mediocre.

    • Yep they definitely had the ‘gore factor’ in place didn’t they? Not a bad film but not a great one either!

  3. Pretty middle-of-the-road as found footage goes, but at least it followed it’s own internal logic and didn’t have background music, so, points for integrity.

    • Yep, not a classic but easy to watch. Have no real problems with this one overall.

  4. Hey,
    Have you seen Area 407? I don’t think I’ve seen a review of it on here yet.

    • Hi Patricia, I have yes, but I haven’t got around to reviewing it yet ( I think it was a dino romp wasn’t it? )

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