Cult ( 2013 ) – Movie Review

Cult ( 2013 ) - Movie Review

​After reviewing Noroi last week I decided to stick with the whole Japanese trip and sample another offering from director Kôji Shiraishi. I was pretty upbeat about the whole thing as I fully enjoyed re-watching Noroi all these years later…


Sad to say, but this film left me a little bit cold from about twenty minutes in. It started off well enough and I found the initial scenes quite gripping – it just failed spectacularly where Noroi managed to succeed. 

Asian films are pretty ‘hit and miss’ to me because of one important factor – the quality of acting. I’m afraid this one missed the boat in that respect by a large distance. 

The Plot

The film follows three young Japanese actresses that are hired to take part in a documentary about a local family’s ( the Kaneda’s ) exorcism.

They arrive at the house with priest in tow to find out that the family is only made up of two members – a young girl and her mother.

The cameras are set up and the priest’s rituals begin – they don’t have to wait long for the supernatural response to gather pace. Numerous exorcists turn up at the house to help out but the problem only seems to get worse. 

What have these three young actresses got themselves into?

OK…The Acting Gig Again! 

I know I’ve mentioned it once already but I feel it’s necessary to point out the ONLY downfall to this Found Footage effort – the acting! 

Quite simply terrible.

At times I thought some of the actors were putting in a comedy performance on purpose – I was wrong…they were actually trying their hardest. 

It’s important to point out that this film really would of been quite good if they had manged to attract the same quality of actor used in Noroi. But I’m afraid they scraped the bottom of the barrel here ( at best! ). 

My ten year old son probably did a better job at his last school nativity play. 


I REALLY wanted to like this film because of the link to Noroi but I struggled to get through the 90 minutes if I’m honest with you. 

Some of the CGI was pretty cool and the way the demons were portrayed as worm-like creatures was also a nice touch. But all that fell to the wayside when you realized you had to spend another hour or so watching this diabolically bad cast. 

There are a few more offering’s from Kôji Shiraishi floating about out there and I was going to spend the week reviewing them. 

Change of plan for the moment I’m afraid – I’ll let this one slide to the back of my memory first. 

Before I wrote this review I actually did something I’ve never done on this site before – I tried my hardest to find positive notes to ‘shine the film up’ a bit. I felt really let down by the quality when I stood it next to Noroi and I had heard some good reports on it.

As far as recommending it goes – I really don’t know what to say?

Some Found Footage fans out there apparently really like this film and others ( like me ) found it more of a comedy show. I suppose if you can put up with the quality of performance you might well enjoy the film.

But don’t let me put you off the experience – find out for yourselves…

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