Dance With The Devil ( 2014 ) – Secret Satanic Societies

Dance With The Devil ( 2014 ) - Secret Satanic Societies

UPDATE 2018: This film got fucked over by YouTube ‘big time’ – and I’m now unable to find it anywhere online. Looks like the filmmakers took too many copyright liberties…and got caught out!

Dance With The Devil is ​a FREE Found Footage feature based on secret satanic societies. It’s another YouTube offering from a bunch of wannabe horror producers. Is it any good? Read on and see…

Pleasantly Surprised

YouTube Found Footage can go one of two ways:

  • Complete Gash
  • Surprisingly Impressive

It’s due to the latter that I keep on going back their to find these hidden little gems. Dance With The Devil was thankfully an impressive experience and one I thoroughly enjoyed.

Much like other impressive YouTube Features this was a full length film and for the most part a lot of care and attention had been put into it. The acting was solid, the editing worked ( in places ), the effects were decent and the camera work shone!

I must admit to enjoying about 90% of the film but there were a few nagging little flaws that could of been avoided…

The Setup

A lot of thought had been put into the setup of this film and how it traveled from start point to ending credits. The amateur production company that created and published this film is called EnterViral and they are certainly one to watch. ​

The film starts off with old 8mm footage which was really quite atmospheric and creepy. They were using a very low key and creepy soundtrack in the background which fit very well with the style of the old footage.

All of a sudden we are thrown into a piece of footage from a 480P WMV Video that is dated at 2009. The footage is covering a few lads going to visit a property at night. We are led to believe that they are in a hurry due to snow storms being forecast.

Just as we are getting comfortable with this part of the story we are then thrown into footage from a Super 8 Video dated at 1969. This footage is showing us a guy in the process of hanging himself!

So this is the setup for the film – we cleverly jump back and forth between different time periods through different cameras.

The Plot

As I mentioned in the review introduction – this film is based on secret satanic societies. Sure, I know it’s not the most original of horror ideas but if it ain’t broke then why fix it!

We are following a group of boys that are being led by a rather creepy estate agent to a property at night. Why they decide to turn up at a viewing in the night is anyone’s guess!

The property is a complete s**thole and the estate agent decides to pull a vanishing act as soon as he arrives there. All of a sudden we are confronted with axe wielding nutcases in creepy kid’s masks chasing the hapless group of friends through the snow covered forest…

The Look And Feel

The cinematography of the film is probably it’s best point – it was impressive considering the budget level and amateur status of the film! It was shot with both day and nighttime scenes and both were very impressive. They seemed to create creepy film moments with ease and on one or two occasions it made me jump.

At points in the film they had also used some Anton Lavey interviews which was a really nice touch. They highlighted the topic of secret satanic societies in quite a clever way throughout the film.


This was a very enjoyable film and a great addition to the indie horror scene but there were a handful of downsides. At a couple of points in the film the editing was so bad it made me shake my head with awe.

Halfway through the film a stray title comes up for a second indicating that they had used this scene for a trailer. It was one of those ‘coming soon’ titles and although it was only for a second – it was an astonishingly bad mistake that could easily have been avoided.

As well as this I noticed a couple of amateur grammar mistakes in the titles at the start of the film and near the end. Again – very basic things that really should have been spotted and corrected in the editing or mastering process!

But please don’t let these mistakes put you off – it is a solid piece of Found Footage horror and whats more it’s totally FREE. It’s an excellent effort that has slightly been ruined by very amateurish mistakes. If you can look over the mistakes you will enjoy this film.

If you fancy trying out this movie on secret satanic societies we have included it at the top of this review. All we ask is that if you enjoy it please show the love and either ‘like’, ‘share’ or ‘comment’ on it! Cheers!



    • Hi Jakob,
      Yes they used real footage in segments of this film but I don’t think they had permission – they just went for it ( and why not! ).

        • I honestly can’t remember that far back – I know the internet legend of Jeff The Killer but I can’t remember it being in the film…I’ll have to check it out again!

          • Yeah i’m just looking at the film now and it has an image of JTK shown and has his name on it so that’s why I’m asking.

    • I’ve actually just noticed that they’ve changed the thumbnail of the film to Jeff The Killer ( thanks for pointing that out! ). I don’t think the coffin scene was real, no.

      • Yeah it seems as though they’ve now changed the name of the film to ‘Jeff The Killer’…and I have no idea why! Maybe it’s a lame attempt to get more traffic to the movie – very disappointing move!

        • Hey Jakob,

          I looked into this film again recently and it seems as though the producers have got into a lot of trouble for using certain scenes…which means the film has been tanked! The idiots who produced it used masses of copyrighted scenes and hoped they would get away with it – that’s why the film at the top of this review has been switched by them now. I will leave an update on the article this week!

  1. Hey I noticed that you call this dance with the devil but the video on YouTube your playing is called Jeff the killer. I’m watching Jeff the killer and it sound like your review I guess but I just wanted to know what’s up with the title. Oh I just read previous comments on the topic. Did you find any clarification on the title change reasons.

    • Yeah the film got tanked in the end by YouTube – the idiots that made it used too much copyrighted footage!!!
      Newbie mistake by them it seems.
      I have mentioned this somewhere in the review – I think you can still find the film somewhere online if you look hard enough 🙂

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