Darkest Night ( 2012 ) – Film Review

Darkest Night ( 2012 ) - Film Review

Well it seems as though the Found Footage slide I’m on at the moment is destined to continue. If I have to sit through another pile of crap like this I think I’ll probably put this site up for sale and take a holiday ( Joke – I’m not going anywhere! ).

I finding it hard to remember the last time I got to the end of a film in this genre without struggling – I think it was with Area 51 a couple of weeks back.

Since then I have been treated to some of the worst examples of horror I’m ever likely to come across. Still, this site was set up to give every Found Footage film a platform so here we go…

The Plot

The film starts off with a news report covering a decimated house in the Philippine mountains where a family were staying for Christmas.

Nobody knows what happened to the house but the rescue workers ( or whatever they’re supposed to be ) have stumbled upon a video camera in the ruins.

The recorded footage follows a family during their Christmas celebrations catching up and having a good time. Without warning some sort of ‘quake’ hits the house and a strange black mist type-thing engulfs the them.

This darkness seems to knock out all of the electrical equipment in the house but apparently it’s not that interested in video cameras or TV’s.

So the camera keeps rolling and the TV screen keeps on showing strange occult-like figures staring out into the room.

One by one the family members start to disappear and the one’s left behind start to act very strangely. What dark secret lies behind the terrifying force that has invaded these innocent Christmas celebrations…

Abandon Hope…

I suppose this film could be used as a very important tool for up-and-coming indie filmmakers. You could sit them all down in a room in front of this and say “This is NOT the way to make indie horror!”.

First things first let’s get over the subject of lighting. Now, a lot of Found Footage movies spend periods in complete darkness – it helps build an atmosphere and ( in most cases ) it’s quite frightening for the watcher.

This film decides to spend at least 75% of it’s duration under the false light of oil lanterns. Simply put – I couldn’t see a f##king thing!

Then we come onto the subject of the cast – my oh my! I’ve sat through kid’s school plays that offer more talent.

In some scenes certain characters are blabbering away without looking at the person they are supposed to be talking to. I know this seems a little picky of me but wait until you see it for yourself.

It’s almost as if they get through the whole line and THEN decide to turn to the character they are talking to – absolutely hilarious!!!

In certain scenes I was unsure whether particular characters were painted in later on. It was as if the actors were talking to a green screen.

I could go on deeper and deeper into this but let’s be honest – most of you reading this have already decided to pass on this film ( hopefully ).


It’s never nice having to take a dump on an indie horror project but I’m afraid I was left with little choice here – this stank big time!

The poor lighting made sure that an already difficult plot was near enough impossible to follow.

This movie also boasts a rather large cast which is not really in-line with most other Found Footage efforts. So we now have numerous characters who we know little about running around and screaming in the dark.

Following this mess was a lost cause!

In most of the reviews I publish I try to do a bit of research on the director, producer and actors. I’m afraid I don’t want to give them any sort of platform on this site so I’m not bothering with that lark today!

Does this film have anything positive to offer the Found Footage genre?





  1. Hahahaha don’t give up, Chris! Unfriended may be the one to restore your faith on FF 😉 Gotta say i was kinda disappointed with Area 51 – i guess i just expect too much when it comes to Oren Peli… One last thing: have you heard of brazilian found footage? There’s one film in the theaters right now in here, called O Amuleto (The Amulet) and there is another one called Desaparecidos (Missing), made in 2011… The reviews are mixed to say the least – for both -, but i guess maybe you, as a connoisseur, may be interested… Be good, man [ ]’s

    • Hey Christian, they sound quite promising – I always find foreign language horror films are quite impressive. I’ll have to search about for them online and get them reviewed. If you know of any site that has them online at the moment let us know 🙂

  2. Well what is the process through which you select a movie to watch and review it ? Is it at random?Seeing as the last two movies you reviewed were extra-bad..one comes to wonder how do you select them.

    • Always random – we have a huge list that we try and get through. Half the time I end up watching a film 2-3 times before reviewing it as I forget what happens in each one – they sort of merge together into one big mess! Just watched a half-decent one though and should be reviewing it tonight ( if I find time! )

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