Death Valley Mysteries

Death Valley Mysteries

In this article we will be taking a look at the mysteries linked to the vast expanse of desert wasteland covering around 3,000 square miles – Death Valley.

Unexplained disappearances and strange deaths – welcome to the Death Valley mysteries…

The Paul Byron Whipkey Disappearance

Paul Byron Whipkey was a 26-year-old Army pilot that drove into Death Valley in 1958…only to vanish into thin air…

On July the 10th of that year, he told his mates that he was off into the nearby town to grab a beer. For some reason, he turned up in a motel which was hundreds of miles away in Mojave, California.

The next day he was spotted filling his car up with petrol, before he drove straight into Death Valley, and never returned.

The Paul Byron Whipkey Disappearance

Weeks later, Whipkey’s car was located by California fish and game officers in the desert. It contained a few personal belongings, including his army dog tags, but no clues to as where he ended up.

The army eventually issued a statement claiming that Whipkey had deserted his post, and probably met his end in the desert.

His family have never accepted this explanation.

Missing German Tourists in Death Valley

This ‘disappearance’ took place in July 1996, and involved a German group made up of Egbert Rimkus and his girlfriend Cornelia Meyer, along with their children eleven-year-old Georg and four-year-old Max.

The group were clocked purchasing a map at the visitor center before setting off into the valley…but were never seen again.

In October 1996, the German’s van was found with three flat tires on a closed dirt road with all of it’s doors locked.

Missing German Tourists in Death Valley

Inside the van were empty water bottles, a film, their sleeping bags, a single child’s shoe and an American flag. The van seemed to be stuck in the deep sand.

Their important personal belongings, like passports, were not found inside the vehicle.

Thirteen years later, hikers came across the remains of two adults. Many experts believe these remains to be that of Egbert and Cornelia, but the DNA tests couldn’t confirm this, due to heavy sun damage.

The remains of the children were never found.

The Death of Ryan Singleton

Ryan Singleton was a 24-year-old filmmaker who disappeared after flying from his Atlanta home to Los Angeles in July 2017.

He was on a journey home that passed through the Mojave Desert when his car broke down, so he started walking to a nearby town called Baker.

Luckily, a police car passed him on the road, and gave him a lift to a nearby petrol station. He phoned a friend to come and get him, but vanished before the friend turned up.

The area was searched numerous times by authorities – but nothing turned up on Ryan.

The Death of Ryan Singleton

After 74 days, his body was discovered not more than two miles away from the gas station where he had phoned his friend. This was strange, because this area had been searched many times before.

Ryan’s body contained no internal organs – they had been removed, but his soft tissue was left in tact (therefore predators had not been at his body).

The cause of death could not be determined.

There are no answers as to why Singleton decided to leave the gas station instead of wait for his friend.

Surely if he had decided to walk off, he wouldn’t have died a mere two miles away from the gas station?

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