Delivery – Real Demonic Possession Footage

real demonic possession footage

For our latest offering I will be covering a film I watched/reviewed last night called Delivery: The Beast Within (apparently the original title was just ‘Delivery’ which I think is much better!).

This is a 2013 release of (supposedly) real demonic possession footage and I’m pleased to say……it’s rather good in parts!

Something a Little Different

Whilst the subject of real demonic possession footage is not exactly original, this film tried to break the mold a little bit and offer something new.

I was not that excited about the prospect of this film seeing I had recently viewed The Devil’s Due which is basically covering the exact same subject!

This was different though and it stood out because of it! The first half an hour had nothing to do with any real demonic possession footage and was instead a mock up reality show. Now don’t close the page – this is a good thing!

You know the awful types of Beverly Hills reality shows that hit cable and satellite channels? Well it closely follows this set up for the first half an hour or so and it is very professionally done – extremely realistic.

Apparently only one episode is shot because strange things begin to happen and the rest of the movie is made up of the outtakes.

These outtakes are basically real demonic possession footage getting worse and worse with every video entry. Now I’m not going to say that this film was not jumping on the back of other films in this genre at times – because it was!

Some of the scenes were very familiar with the girl in question acting strange, talking to thin air, hearing knocking at the door…….

Believable Our Just a Bunch of Student Actors Pulled off The Street?

I’m pleased to report the quality of the main two actors in the film was excellent. They are obviously professionals and there was no cringe-worthy moments (from what I can remember!). The surrounding actors were not quite as good as the main characters but again they held their own.

This was a documentary style real demonic possession footage and there were no mistakes at any point. If this is a low budget attempt then the directors/writers Brian Netto and Adam Schindler have done a wonderful job.


Well the C.G.I. in this film was pretty much non-existent but that’s alright – it got by just fine without it. The video camera viewing was great quality due to the fact it was supposed to be a real reality show shoot.

I noticed a considerable difference in effects between this and Devil’s Due. The budget’s were obviously vastly different but the real demonic possession footage ‘idea’ was similar in both.


This was a good found footage horror film and nothing more. I’m afraid it lacks that fright factor that other real demonic possession footage contains. I didn’t jump once and nothing really scared me in the story line or the way it was told.

I’m not one for spoilers but the ending was REALLY shocking and will stay with me for a long time to come. If you are looking for a decent and original found footage horror film then I will recommend this all day long.

The actors were well up to standard, the filming and audio were excellent, the story was sound and it kept me interested enough until the end!



  1. wow! Great review, Chris! Being a fan of horror flicks, I was drawn to this review and was not left disappointed. You mentioned the 2 main characters, but left out their names? Was that intentional, or weren’t they given in the credits…keeping the mystery of actual footage real? Just curious. Looking forward to more from you!

    • Hi Barb, 99% of the actors used in Found Footage movies are relatively unknown – it adds to the realism of it all! 🙂

  2. From the screenshot you showed, this seems like a decent movie.

    I remember back in high school my friends who were into spooky “real” demonic footages used to show me these things and I’ve never really been able to put my fingers on it of whether it’s staged or not.

    That said, I’ve never really seen a movie on demons and I like the fact that this is an amateurish film.

    I’m confused as to how they incorporate real demonic footages in the film though?

    Also I’d appreciate if you can tell us where to find the film. Thanks in advance!


    • Hi Anh, you can find the film on numerous ‘free’ movie streaming sites online. Most of them are ridden with adverts but they always hold decent films! 🙂

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