Devil’s Backbone, Texas (2015) – Movie Review

Devil’s Backbone, Texas (2015) - Movie Review

For some reason I thought I’d reviewed this title about a year ago and posted it to this site…but I was wrong!

A quick scan through the archives this morning showed me that I hadn’t touched it yet…

And that’s probably an indication of what I thought about the experience overall!

Anyway, not to be confused with the rather impressive Guillermo del Toro effort from 2001 – this one’s a little more ‘budget confined’ (and that’s putting it politely!).

The Plot

Writing this plot is a little tricky because the film tends to try and stuff in a few sub-plots along the way (none of which add that much to the overall experience!).

Okay, so we have a geezer named Bert Wall who was a historical writer who lived in the Devil’s Backbone.

Mr. Wall seemed to think that a a myriad of spirits were following his every move – not really sure why but the film neglects to let us in on this point!

Anyway, decades later, after Wall passed away, his son (Jake) decides to look into these freaky occurrences.

He drags a handful of friends, and a couple of camcorders, to father’s ranch in the Backbone – sh#t get’s pretty freaky from there!


Based on the fact that I watched this film over a year ago, and I couldn’t be bothered to sit through the experience again…I thought I’d jump straight to the conclusion with this one!

Not that good!

Sorry to be blunt but I can usually find a good angle for most Found Footage efforts – I kinda struggled here!

The sort of Unexplained Mysteries documentary (or mockumentary) style really seemed to be effective for the first 20 minutes or so…

Then one of the filmmakers decided to get creative – mistake number one!

The mockumentary-style soon descends into a bit of a Found footage nightmare which lacked certain…qualities?

I don’t know – the idea was good, the initial delivery was good, but the end product was a little tame at best.

The acting through the initial stages of the film was pretty convincing and I have to admit – I was rather excited about the whole experience.

But when this band of hapless actors got to the ranch the whole f##king shebang fell down…and struggled to get back to it’s feet.

I noticed the dynamic between the lead actors sort of crumble before my eyes and the cinematography also went south – it was a real shame.

I suppose brownie points have to be dished out for the initial sequences put together by the film’s creators but that’s about all.

I’m not saying this is terrible – after all – I did sit through it from start to finish.

What I am saying is that the mishmash they try and fuse together really didn’t work.

When you skimp on quality you get found out in this genre – every time!

A real nice idea which was even a little adventurous…but not something I would want to sit through again!



  1. I meant to throw this one your way a few weeks ago. I thought this was pretty well done. Definitely spooked me a good amount. Just thought it could have been a little more speed up.

  2. Like this review, bud. Is this one a horror movie, or would you classify it as more of a thriller? Either way, it doesn’t sound too outstanding.

    Still, if I ever find this anywhere I might just give it a look. You were able to intrigue me into that much at least.

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