Digging up The Marrow ( 2015 ) – Adam Green Movie


Digging up The Marrow ( 2015 ) - Adam Green Movie

I was guided to this film by our good friend ( and site regular ) Tim last week and I really didn’t know what to expect. I had heard absolutely nothing about it beforehand and the title seemed a little corny at best.

I was super surprised to find out that Digging up The Marrow was an ​Adam Green movie. Adam is a bit of a cult horror director that releases sort of ‘hit or miss’ movies.

I couldn’t stand the cliche Hatchet series he released but I was really impressed by his directing abilities on Frozen ( NOT the bloody Disney movie! ).

I was looking forward to seeing how he handled the Found Footage genre…

The Boy Did Good!

I’m not the biggest fan of dark comedy pieces and I like my horror to be straight down the line – no messing!

But Adam has managed to put together a really interesting Found Footage horror and inject a little sarcasm and humor into it at the same time.

I’m pretty sure there are going to be more than a few critics out there that are going to slate this Adam Green release but I am certainly not going to be one of them.

I thought it rocked!

The Plot

Adam Green plays Adam Green, just as you know him. He is joined by his production friend Will Barratt ( who also plays himself ).

They are contacted by a rather strange character named William Dekker ( who is played by the awesome veteran actor Ray Wise ) who claims that he has proof that monsters are real.

He believes that there is an underground world ( the Marrow ) where deformed kids travel to live out their lives in peace. He also believes that he has found one of the entrances to this underground haven and he is willing to share the location with Adam.

Adam and his mate Will see the potential for a zany documentary in Dekker’s story so they play along with him and film proceedings. But following Dekker seems to be a dud of an idea, initially, until strange things begin to happen.

Is there any substance to Dekker’s story or is he nothing more than a rambling madman in search of a little publicity?

Adam Green Movie

I have to admit that this is certainly one of the best Adam Green movie’s I have come across. It was witty, well acted and well put together.

The main ingredient of a good Found Footage film is atmosphere – it makes the whole recording seem real. Adam ( and his counterpart Will ) have managed to inject a ‘college-boy’ style of humor into proceedings and it really helps the film take off.

There are numerous horror cliches covered and plenty of references to Found Footage movies – it’s as if they know another hand held movie isn’t really going to further their career at all!


Adam knows his onions when it comes to cinematography and this film is a bright example of that. As far as Found Footage efforts go – the camera work was spot on!

The choice to bring in Ray Wise to play William Dekker was an extremely wise one – I thought he shone all the way through this and he suited the handheld style with ease.

The script was laid back and free leaving plenty of room for Adam’s humor to shine through. We are aware that there is a serious element to the plot but at the same time we cannot help but smile.

Originality seems to be overlooked when it comes to Found Footage films and Adam has addressed that well here. This was a bold and unique story line that I doubt any other Found Footage director would have had the balls to attempt.

Fun, unnerving, well acted with high production levels – a definite cult classic in my book!

Well worth watching.




  1. I really liked this one, but struggeled for a few minutes with Leland Palmer in the beginning. But that slight disturbance faded pretty quick and Ray Wise did a great performance here like you allready mentioned.

    • I was really surprised by this film myself – I had heard nothing about it before it’s release so I didn’t expect much. One of the site regulars pointed me in it’s direction and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  2. This is by far one of the best found footage movies i have discovered through your site, everything about it was just awesome. Thank you for bringing it to my attention, and THANK YOU for all your work! it is much appreciated !!! love your website


  3. This is one of my favourite movies, and not just in the Found Footage genre. A fantastic concept brilliantly executed. I love the scene when Dekker talks about “Brella”. I can watch this movie over and over. I liked Frozen a lot, too, apart from the lame Star Wars references.

    • Yeah there was a good ‘feel’ to this movie, wasn’t there Martin?
      I felt complete ease when watching it, from start to finish, which is always a good sign!

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