Dybbuk Box: The Story of Chris Chambers (2019) – Movie Review

Dybbuk Box: The Story of Chris Chambers (2019)


I was actually gonna cover an Italian Found Footage movie I had to sit through the other night, the only problem is – it was so bad I forgot to write the title down!

Seriously – I’ve never seen a group of actors and filmmakers try so hard to get something right…that they get it so VERY wrong. All I can remember is that they get the original director of Cannibal Holocaust to make a cameo appearance (god knows how they managed that!).

Anyway, I think it was Italian from what I remember, and the director of that old Found Footage turns up in it – you have been warned (and when I locate the name of the shitbag I’ll get it up on here asap!).

So instead we’re looking at Dybbuk Box: The Story of Chris Chambers. Nothing groundbreaking here, micro-budget, but enjoyable enough all the same…

The Plot

After seeing viral videos of dybbuk box openings trending on YouTube, Texas resident Chris Chambers ordered a dybbuk box from the dark web and opened it live on video. The results were near fatal as his condition progressively worsens and his encounters with demonic forces escalates by the day. The encounters recorded by Chris Chambers have been studied by industry professionals and proven to be accurate recorded paranormal accounts. Currently documented as one of the most supernatural recorded events to date.

It’s Not Real (You Fucktards!)

Yep, I’m here to tell the handful of reviewers on IMDb that this is not meant to be real footage – hence the genre, Found Footage horror.

I find it mad that in this day and age, people still don’t get the idea of Found Footage. My teenage son uses the term ‘fucktard’ for someone who’s really…well, really fucking stupid. I’ve pinched that term to cover the dickheads who still believe that Found Footage is trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

How about some examples?

Yep, I thought so, let’s have a laugh and check some of them out from IMDb…

“It is obvious it is a scripted, directed film footage. The idea of it being real is novel; however, it should be filmed as such. Several things: 1) the dude is not 34 years old 2) not many bachelors keep their living space that immaculate 3) there are angles that he could not have filmed had it been only him. We are not stupid, just tell us it’s a re-enactment. It’s not a bad production just not what I expected.”


“So bad I’m not gonna even give it a review. I think what makes it even worse is they try to pass off as a true story. Don’t bother watching this…”


“I don’t usually believe in this kind of thing. One or two things happened that could be easily explained away, or believed, depending on your view on the paranormal. However, 3 points stood out as utterly fake (in my opinion) 1) the bed “bouncing” looked like someone was under the blanket (on the floor) at the end of the bed 2) when he smashed the “glass” on his head there was no blood on his head or hand. Not even a drip on the floor. 3) when he walks away after smashing the glass, he actually stands on, and drags a piece of “glass” with his foot. Again, no blood on his foot or the carpet. I was very interested until these points, now all I can say is OBVIOUSLY a fake attempt by yet another “YouTube star” to get recognised. All in all, kinda creepy, kinda scarey, but ultimately a let down, and I certainly would not see it as a “true story”

Fucktard number two!!

That’s enough of that, we really shouldn’t be laughing at people who are obviously ‘special’ in their ways – it’ll give us all bad karma.


As I touched on in the intro to this review – this is nothing groundbreaking.

Having said that, it is easily watchable, the main character is a decent actor and it has minor enjoyment quality. Overall it’s actually not bad (when compared to some of the shit I sit through!).

The one thing it’s definitely not meant to be is REAL footage – anybody with half a brain cell should be able to see that after 2 minutes of watch time.

It’s only 60 minutes long (that’s an hour in western time LOL) so you’ve got nothing to lose really, it’s watchable and some may even enjoy it more than I did.




  1. The movie was actually ok. Nothing special in my opinion but i liked this whole dybbuk topic so it kept me interested untill the end wich was also moderate.

    But to be honest, the real highlights here were the awesome comments you published 😀

  2. I also enjoyed this one. Pity it didn’t run little longer to give it a less anti-climatic ending. Short and interesting is better than long and boring i guess.

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