E-Demon (2018) – Movie Review

E-Demon (2018) - Movie Review

Well, what a mess we have here…

Not the best sentence to start a review off with, granted, but it’s the only one that comes to mind when I think about this film.

Sometimes simple Found Footage plots are the best way to go – they work most effectively and leave the director with plenty of time and room to concentrate on scaring the viewer…

Not the case here.

The plot is simple enough, well it should be, but it ends up being a quite humorous mess, with little-to-no staying power when it hits your screen!

How Did They Manage to Convince The Actors?

That’s the first question that seems to float around this film – how did they manage to convince the actors involved that it was going to be a big hit, and worth their time?

I only ask because I came out of this ‘experience’ with a reasonably high view of their talents. Okay, they ain’t gonna be hitting up any Golden Globes or Oscars – but they were sufficient enough in their skills to appear comfortable on-screen.

I guess the director, Jeremy Wechter, must have fed them the line of “This is going to be Unfriended on STEROIDS”….

A clever move really…even though it’s complete bullshit.

Take a quick read through the plot of the movie:

“The e-DEMON recording is a wake-up call to understand the truth of what’s happening to our world ever since the ruthless e-DEMON was accidentally released from its prison. Witness that first night of demonic possession as it unfolds documented in this recorded video-chat. Released into our era, the manipulative demon is able to use modern technology to speed up the possession process. Watching this web-recording is a heart-pounding, roller-coaster of an experience, but remember this a human story because real flesh and blood people died that night. Be on the lookout. The e-DEMON twists reality into a living nightmare of manipulation. As this recorded video-chat documents, it builds in waves of growing tensions as it spirals inward engulfing its victim until they don’t know what is real or who to trust including loved ones, paramedics, the police and more. Watch to learn the truth of what really happened that infamous night now dubbed “The Quad Murders” by the media.

Yeah, someone’s put a lot of effort into that little blurb, haven’t they?

Problem is that it even reads bad. I mean, just by reading this synopsis/plot you get the idea that something has gone DRASTICALLY wrong in the filmmaking stage.


Not good I’m afraid – but I’m guessing that 99.9% of you have already figured this conclusion out.

The movie starts off pretty well…but descends into madness with some of the most peculiar Found Footage scenes I’ve ever witnessed. Okay, okay – I know that peculiar is original, and they are trying something new…

But it turns out to be shit – period.

This movie definitely aims to be a watered down version of Unfriended but it seems to have slipped into ‘silly land’ at some point in the script/plot development. In some scenes I was hoping the character actions were eventually going to lead to a joke…but more often than not…this was not the case.

Way over the top, unconvincing and at certain points – extremely amusing (but not in a good way!).

P.S. On a more positive note – thanks for all the messages I’ve been receiving off a high number of you – your diligent investigation work really does help me get titles up on here AND helps the site evolve in the right way! 🙂



  1. I just want to start off by saying.  I absolutely love your logo.  Thanks for a great and detailed review.  No doubt I will still watch this myself but will go into it with low expectations now.  Hopefully this will help me enjoy it more 🙂  

    I like to think of myself as a casual movie buff so found your website so interesting.  I have booked marked it so I can check back regularly for new review articles.

    I have never watched unfriended myself.  Would you say this is worse or better?

    • Oh Unfriended is an excellent film David, along with it’s sequel (which has just come out!). Glad you found this review helpful – and cheers for bookmarking us! 

  2. Yeah, I got the same impression when I watched this one a couple of weeks ago. It totally faceplanted in WTF territory after 20 minutes or so. But I felt like the actors were really trying their best. “Searching” is the true Unfriended on steroids.

    • Glad you agree Johno!!!!! 🙂

      Yeah the searching review went up on the site today (sorry for the delayed response!)

  3. As I was reading the plot you left, I understood immediately how silly it sounded, so I decided to read it aloud with a dramatic narrator’s voice. It just made it sound so much better, immediately catching on how serious it was trying to be while sounding completely stupid XD. Too bad that wasn’t how YOU were introduced to the plot Chris, bc then maybe you could’ve spared yourself sitting through what sounds like an odd mess of a movie, but as a critic who reviews these kinds of things, I understand why you did it. I’ll be sure to avoid this one!

    • Oh it’s almost worth watching for the ludicrous side of things D.J. – it starts off pretty good with decent performances…then you’re wondering if you’re watching some sort of public joke. During the last half an hour I had no idea what was going on (neither did the actors!).

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