Encounter (2013) – Movie Review

Encounter (2013) - Movie Review

Hey guys, this probably won’t be the longest of reviews due to the fact I have caught some sort of killer disease off my son (yet again!), but I wanted to get it out there!

It’s a total indie offering that’s on YouTube at the moment…well it’s actually been on there since 2013…and I have no idea how I’ve missed it so many times?

Anyway, it’s written and directed by a dude named Chad Farmer and it’s actually pretty watchable…and FREE of course!

Let’s take a closer look…before I fall asleep on my laptop…

The Plot

A husband gets super-interested in his wife’s sleepwalking problem and decides to document it and strap her up with GoPro’s every night before she falls asleep (how romantic).

The reason behind her sleepwalking problem turns out to be slightly worrying…


Yep…I hit the conclusion pretty fast in this review didn’t I? My head is banging and I don’t know how long I can keep up this typing lark!

Anyway – not a bad indie effort at all really!

As you all probably know by now – I have A LOT of time for these complete indie releases IF they are approached in the correct manner…and this one was!

The real strength here is the choice of lead characters – both pretty decent actors. I thought that both Chris Cashon and Karen Boles were completely natural on-screen and handled each scene really well.

Now, the film has a few obvious flaws but the quality of acting really took center stage – to the point where I overlooked the holes and enjoyed the experience.

After the film I noticed the blurb Chad had included in the video description and this only managed to impress me even more…

“This was a narrative experiment where I gave the actors a scene description right before we shot the scene so they didn’t know what was coming next. all scenes were done in 3 or less takes. shot on iPhones, GoPros, and laptop webcams”

This kinda impressed me because I think it was the main reason behind the actor’s solid performance – neither of them had time to think…they just played out what came naturally.

The main sort of ‘horror’ scene seemed a little bit ‘naff’ at first but after about a minute…got a little bit freaky.

I think that FX make up artist, Kacie Faulling, did alright with the tools she had been given.

All in all I think that Chad Farmer understands the Found Footage genre pretty well and this is always a good start. I don’t know much about his background but I would be interested to see something else from him (if it’s also in the Found Footage genre, of course!).

Anyway – it’s a free one for ya and it’s only about 38 minutes long.

Apologies for any grammar mistakes in the above article – my head’s just not working right at the moment and I can’t be arsed to proof read this! 🙂



  1. I tried looking for it on a couple of movie sites but didn’t find it…you said it was free? do you have a link?

    But I found two other movies (encounter 2015, and encounters 2014) that appear to be ff style as well…

    • Hi Michael,

      It’s on YouTube but I’ve misplaced the link now. Search for the title of the film along with the director’s name – should be the first result that comes up (on YouTube of course!)

  2. Get well soon, Chris! I’ll try to project some healing energies for you across the pond while I watch this on YT.

  3. Just finished it, this one was really cool. The actors did a damn good job. The plot wasn´t unique but well written. The way Chad Farmer plays with my imagination was a big hit for me. Propper ending,
    Btw. did you see it? 😉

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