Encounters (2014) – Movie Review

Encounters (2014) - Movie Review

I came across Encounters about a month back and I was really stoked to find it – I had been searching through the illegal streaming sites for at least an hour before I discovered it!

Got everything ready – bag of Doritos, my first bottle of Stella, and made myself comfortable for a Found Footage night…

Then I realized that this film was Danish and the stream I was on had no subtitles…


Anyway, night ruined, I switched over to Tom Hardy playing the Kray twins in Legend ( which was a pretty awesome movie anyway! ).

Completely forgot about Encounters until about a week ago when one of the regulars to this site sent me a contact message about it – so got back on the horse and searched around the internet for a English version…

Managed to find it on one of the less desirable malware-infested movie sites…

The Plot

The date is November 18th, 2011, and a Danish film crew are trudging their way through a Swedish forest in search of a location for a film shoot.

They end up disappearing without a trace.

Twelve months later a group of hackers somehow manage to get hold of the final footage the film crew shot before their disappearance.

They upload it to the ‘dark side’ of the internet ( and it’s what we get to watch here – in case you hadn’t guessed! ).

Overlooking The Unoriginal Flaws 

I’m not going to beat around the bush here – this was not exactly the most original of Science Fiction ideas ( I’m thinking Invasion of The Body Snatchers mixed with The Blair Witch Project ).

But this lack of originality really didn’t stop me enjoying the journey this Danish/Swedish effort provided me with!

For a European Found Footage with a ( probably ) restricted budget this was quite a spectacle at times.

Director Anders Johannes Bukh seems to have got well into the idea of creating a Found Footage title and the ‘love’ shows through in the finished article.


The film manages to work on many different levels but the main ingredient was the choice of actors.

Whilst not looking to win any oscars any time soon, cameraman Fjord ( Kristian Fjord ), director Anders ( Jacob Wagner Guldager ), and two actors Janne ( Signe Mathilde Sørensen ) and Alex ( Casper Sloth ) were a good fit for this type of film.

Sometimes Foreign language actors can be accused of over-acting certain scenes – I know this is a bit of a generalization but it just sorta falls that way at times ( sorry! ).

Encounters also managed to deliver a realistic Found Footage journey for once – they even included scenes where Fjord discovers power points to recharge his cameras ( How often does THAT happen in Found Footage? ).

I think a combination of simple eeriness and a brave plot will carry this film through for some years to come yet.

It’s not what I’d call a classic European Found Footage ( Troll Hunter ), but it is certainly memorable overall.

At the time of writing this the film holds a rather shit rating of 4.7 from 211 users on IMDb but please don’t let put you off…

We all know how much ‘that lot’ hate Found Footage anyway!

Worth watching.

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  1. It sure borrowed a lot from other movies, but my fellow scandinavians didn’t fall totally flat on their behinds in this one. I hope 2016 will be a good year for FF.

  2. I’ve seen it yesterday, it really is great! Best site ever, thank you very much!!!!

  3. I recommend using solarmovie. The HD foreign movies have subtitles. And usually the non-theatrical release films are uploaded the same day they come out.

  4. Hello!! I just stumbled upon this site and I am now watching the movies you review!!! Found footage film haven found!!! Thank you for taking the time and introducing these materials to us fans of the genre. Could you please tell me where can I watch this film?

    • Hi Misael, sorry for the delay mate!
      I think it’s currently on Putlocker (the site is blocked in the UK now!). Just Google ‘putlocker’ and the movie site should be the first result.

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