Europa Report (2013) – Movie Review

Europa Report (2013) - Movie Review

I’m way overdue with reviewing this baby so I thought it was about time I dug it out and watched it again last night.

I find it one of the most plausible Found Footage films in the science fiction category to date.

It’s one of those relatively low budget offerings that is fully rewarding but you can’t really figure out why?

The plot is rather simple and straightforward but opts to travel a non-linear timeline. There are no real subplots – the characters are supplied and it’s up to the actors to develop them.

Director Sebastián Cordero and writer Philip Gelatt seem to have created a simple plan that evolves effortlessly.

Let’s take a closer look…

The Plot

A group of expert scientists travel to the moon of Jupiter known as Europa to investigate the possible existence of life ( due to information claiming that the moon contains water ).

The landing process does not exactly go according to plan and they miss their mission target by quite some distance.

They decide to make the best out of a shitty situation and begin drilling the ice surrounding their spaceship ( The Europa One ).

Within a sort space of time they manage to locate proof of an alien organism and prepare to return to Earth.

Unfortunately the Europa One’s engines do not want to play suit…

Building Blocks

The most effective building blocks used to support this film are the CGI effects and the well thought out camera angles.

A few of my mates who sat through this complained about the lack of depth in each character – I was able to overlook this with relative ease!

The camera angles and the choice of non-linear story line seem to give the film something organic – something that moves without even trying.

Sure, the characters end up being nothing more than simple creations…but maybe that’s what Sebastián Cordero and Philip Gelatt were aiming for?


I liked this film on near enough every level – it manages to do what it sets out to do in relative style.

The classic Science Fiction films of the 70’s seemed to have something ‘solid’ about them and I felt Europa Report managed to emulate this successfully.

It’s a movie that makes you forget that you’re watching a Found Footage film very quickly. This is a pretty impressive feat when you think about it.

I’d say about 85% of the cameras are ‘fixed’ cameras on the body of the Europa One. The remainder are fitted to the scientists themselves.

This choice of cinematography definitely helps the film stay on track when it comes to realism – the incidental music however, did not!

For some unknown reason the film by-passed a theatrical release which is a real shame due to the care and attention given to some of the CGI scenes.

Movies like this really do deserve their place on the big silver screen – even if it is a late night showing that attracts fewer than 20 people!

Yeah, no complaints with this one! The film ends up feeling much larger in scope than it actually is.


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