Ever Since The World Ended (2001) – Movie Review

Ever Since The World Ended (2001) - Movie Review

Well, this one was pretty hard to get hold of…but after a thorough week of searching I managed to find it on one of the most shitty streaming sites I’ve ever come across (you NEED your virus protection turned on to get through their archives!).

Anyway, can’t remember the name of the site unfortunately – it was late at night and my head wasn’t exactly 100% on this planet (if you catch my drift!). A heads up for those that go searching for this movie – it is on YouTube but it’s cut up into two 10 minute sections…but the movie I watched had a runtime of 78 minutes…

Make of that what you will!

Onto the movie…

The Plot

Twelve years ago, a plague swept through, wiping out most of the population; in San Francisco, only 186 people remain. Two of them use jury-rigged batteries to power a camera and make a documentary. We see a variety of approaches to survival, from the artist and engineer who trade for their needs, to the surfers and woodsmen who fish and hunt, to the scavengers, and a communal farm. We also see how the community deals with those who threaten it, and how the youth are growing up with different values from those who knew our world.

It’s The End of The World As We Know it…

I don’t know about you – but I kinda like most films that have that apocalyptic feel to them. Zombies, a deadly virus, the ozone layer fucking up – they all do it for me on a science fiction level.

So, I was checking through a list of little known indie Science Fiction gems, and this title popped up. Hadn’t heard of it before but a load of geeks online had been beefing it up!

When I read through the synopsis/plot I noticed the line:

“Two of them use jury-rigged batteries to power a camera and make a documentary”

Okay, Found Footage alert ON – what have I stumbled across here?

Well, I couldn’t find the movie straight away, as I mentioned above. I either got a dead streaming player or one of those fuck-irritating false players that try to get you to sign up first (I’m sure we’ve all experienced that disappointment…).

I got there in the end, and sure enough it was a mockumentary/Found Footage title, from 2001.

The name of the movie rang a few bells, so somebody has probably mentioned it to me before…but it wasn’t on my list (i.e. I’d forgotten all about it!).

I thought I was familiar with ALL the genre titles before 2005…but I was wrong.


Okay, now to the juicy bits – not a bad movie BUT

This is a thinking man/woman’s science fiction – not really much happens in it!

Please don’t let that put you off – you really might enjoy this journey…it’s just that I got a little bored by the 50 minute mark.

Now, me getting bored is nothing to go on really – this is probably down to the fact that I like seeing characters getting ripped to pieces in movies, I’m seriously that shallow.

This movie is executed pretty well, with very good, naturalistic acting. The creators have also come up with a clever new take on the ‘end of the world’ genre.

It’s just that the film is extremely low budget, therefore you don’t really get much of a feel for the end of the world. From what I can remember – there were only a handful of deserted street shots and ‘urban outside’ shots.

This meant that the movie had to rely on deep morals and ideas that kinda ended up a little bit boring (to me).

I’m pretty much convinced that the film’s ‘idea’ would be more interesting in a straightforward story – NOT in the Found Footage or mockumentary format. Maybe if we got to see the apocalyptic landscape through something other than a camcorder, it would have worked a little better?

Anyway, this is by no means a bad film – I’m guessing a lot of you, with more patience than me, are going to fully enjoy it!


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