Evidence 2012 – Crazy Government Experiments

Evidence 2012 - Crazy Government Experiments

So, about a fortnight ago I reviewed a film called Evidence ( you can find it HERE ) but as I sat through it for a second time I realized that it was not exactly how I remembered it.

Sure, I had seen it before but it was not the film I was looking for – I remembered furry old beasts charging through forests and crazy government experiments ( not specialized police teams going through murderous footage! ).

So a couple of nights ago I flipped open the laptop and went to work on my self-inflicted confusion…and found out there were actually two Found Footage films under the title of ‘Evidence’.

So here’s the second one…

The Plot

Evidence follows two couples as they take a sort of documentary-vacation to a secluded, wooded area for some good old fashioned camping.

Our group ringleader, Ryan, is the dude behind the camera and he has the pretty shitty idea of basing the camping documentary on his mate who’s come along for the ride ( why he thinks this is a good idea is never really explained! ).

At this point I’d normally go into the character’s names but if I’m honest with you I’ve forgotten them and I can’t be bothered to shift through IMDb to find them. All you need to know is that Ryan is joined by his rather hot girlfriend, his mate and another girl ( not so hot! ).

So they set up in the middle of this wooded wilderness and the typical Found Footage bickering starts to kick off – “get that camera out of my face” and “turn it off Ryan” blah blah blah.

It’s all pretty run-of-the-mill stuff until they spot some sort of ‘creature’ in a mountain gully. Three quarters of the group instantly shit themselves and want to go home pronto…but Ryan has other ideas!

Two Mad Films in One!

I have to admit – I absolutely love this Found Footage offering! It leads you down the more typical Blair Witch forest path and throws a massive curve ball at you and takes you down a completely new path.

I wish I could actually tell you what this twist is but I’d end up being one of those dickheads that throws out spoilers to ruin everyone’s day ( not the type of guy I aim to be! ).

The best way to put it is that the film is actually two separate movies in one…and it’s a pretty crazy ride!


Totally love the way that director Howie Askins and writer Ryan McCoy have purposely gone out of their way to create one of the most far-fetched Found Footage films out there!

The first half of the film is pretty good, nothing special, just pretty good. You are lulled into a false sense of the ‘creepy noises in the forest syndrome’ that at least 50% of Found Footage films rely on.

All of a sudden BANG – the crazy shit hits you right between the eyes and you struggle to catch you breath until the end credits roll ( but even through the end credits there are still more concluding shots! ).

I can understand why so many horror critics threw this movie at the wall – the makers have tried their best to throw as many horror cliches in there as possible…

But is this a bad thing?

Not in my book!!!

I loved how brave the whole thing was and the fact that they didn’t really cut any corners with the quality.

The actors were pretty good, the stunts were decent, the special effects were excellent in places and the cinematography was near enough perfect.

To me, this film is a perfect example of risk meeting reward – it could of gone VERY wrong but it ended up being VERY right!

As you can probably tell, I have a lot of time for this film!

Fun, fast and furious – recommended watching.

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    • LOL yeah – I quite like the ‘other one’ but this blows it outta the water ( great film! )

  1. Glad you reviewed this, still one of my favorites of the genre. I love how nothing is really explained, and even the camera glitching effects don’t bug me because once everything goes nuts, they becomes part of the mass insanity of this movie.

    This movie’s even more remarkable when you realize they reportedly made it for only $12,000.

    • Yeah it’s a great piece of work for the budget – a great piece of Found Footage filmmaking! Love the switch in plot and the madness that follows 🙂

  2. Just found out about this website last night and was so excited I watched both evidence movies. So far your reviews seem pretty spot on, thanks for not giving plot spoilers and thank you for creating this site!

  3. Hand-held camera/found footage video movies, for the most part, fall into the “just plain awful” or the “damn good”. I am a big fan of this genre, and love it when it is done well. This movie was damn well done. Really enjoyed it!

    • After re-reading my review I can see I enjoyed it as well Luann…I just can’t remember shit about it (that seems to happen more and more these days – I must be getting old!). I’m gonna watch this again this week!

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