Exhibit A ( 2007 ) – Mental Breakdown Stress


Exhibit A ( 2007 ) - Mental Breakdown Stress

​I first watched Exhibit A on a Samsung Tablet during a five hour bus journey from London to South Wales. I had near enough forgotten about it until a comment was left on this site last night ( thanks Rosemarie! ).

It’s a British Found Footage effort that seems to have slipped under the radar a little bit. The actors are not well known and there was not much of a budget to play around with.

But that didn’t stop it from being one of the most memorable and unique Found Footage films I’ve ever seen…

Mental Breakdown Stress

Exhibit A did a wonderful job of feeding me a feeling of unease from start to finish. It centers itself on one man’s journey towards breaking point and it doesn’t pull any punches.

I can honestly say that there was not one minute of this film that I didn’t enjoy – it was one of the most unnerving builds I have ever witnessed in the Found Footage genre.

The Plot

The film is based on a family man who is pushed to breaking point due to his crumbling career and fractured family life.

The film is shot through a camcorder that he purchases for his daughter – this camcorder eventually becomes ‘exhibit A’.

The father of the family ( Bradley Cole ) is keeping a financial secret from the rest of family due to what can only be described as ‘male pride’.

His wife is slightly high maintenance so she expects various improvements to the family home. She is blissfully unaware of the financial crisis her husband is facing and he does not want her to find out the truth.

This secret is the disease that gradually eats away at this family throughout the film. The more the father tries to cover it up the more and more desperate he becomes…

High Quality Actors

I’m not so sure this type of film would work if it had been based on an American family. I’m not being biased here but the British family setup seemed to fit the darkness of the story line VERY well.

I did not recognize any of the actors but they deserve a huge credit for this film turning out the way it did. All the family members were fantastic on-screen but Bradley Cole stole the show as the broken father.

As he cracks the film seems to travel under a dark cloud that just gathers and gathers – it’s very effective and very gripping.


The movie is based on a very slow build but that’s alright – the story is very entertaining and we are all aware something awful is going to happen eventually!

I love it when the Found Footage genre steps out a little bit and tries something different. Sometimes I get a little tired of haunted asylums, possessed teenagers and dark forests.

This film manages to step out with style and offers something truly unique and memorable. As the father starts to break down you can’t help but cringe at some of his antics and feel sorry for his surrounding family.

I found the final twenty minutes of the film difficult to watch due to the realistic nature of each scene. The film does not have to rely on any sort of gore or fright factor as the father’s actions are disturbing enough.

A brilliant Found Footage film that pushes the boundaries of the genre – definitely one to put on your list!




      • It’s quality from start to finish. As you said, just gripping. You feel like youve met that family in real life – theyre so good at playing their parts, esp the Dad with his dorkiness and darker side. That party when his work collegue shows up is classic. Love your site too, man. Keep it up. Ive found a lot of new movies to watch here! Youre a trustable reviewer too!

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