Exists ( 2014 ) – Sasquatch Video Footage

Exists ( 2014 ) - Sasquatch Video Footage

Exists is a new horror offering from Eduardo Sanchez ( The Blair Witch Project ) in the form of Sasquatch video footage. There has been quite a build up to the release of this movie due to Sanchez’s past efforts in this genre – was it worth the wait?

Hell Yeah! 

Well the heading above should tell you that we enjoyed this movie – big time!

A few months ago I was lucky enough to experience Bobcat Goldthwait’s Found Footage effort Willow Creek. This film was again based on Sasquatch video footage that a doomed couple take whilst on a hike.

When I first heard about Sanchez’s decision to follow this idea I was a little disappointed – surely he could of come up with a more original effort?

But Willow Creek was an excellent film and I think this sort of helped the build up of Sanchez’s movie – people now knew that Bigfoot worked in a Found Footage environment!

It’s worth pointing out that these two films are excellent for very different reasons – Willow Creek is based more on what you don’t see whilst Exists throws the creature right in your face.

Both films are excellent examples of high-end indie filmmaking and both films are a credit to this genre…

The Plot

The Film follows five friends who take a trip deep into the woods to an old abandoned cabin. The cabin is owned by an uncle who has decided to never, ever go back there again ( that should start alarm bells ringing right? ).

On the way to this cabin they hit some sort of creature in their car but are unable to establish exactly what it is due to the fact it runs off. The group don’t seem to be that bothered when they hear the deep human-like moans of the injured creature in the forest and proceed with their journey.

When they arrive at the cabin things really start kicking off – after all a deserted cabin in a remote forest location is a perfect setting for Found Footage right?

The Sasquatch that live in this forest are pretty pissed with the fact one of their own kind has been injured by a car and they want to get even…

Simple Yet Effective

There’s no point me going further into the plot because it’s a very simple idea – that’s what makes it work!

In The Blair Witch Project Sanchez concentrated more on the fear created by what you couldn’t see – this was not the case with this movie.

There isn’t really much of a slow build in this film – it gets right down to the dirty business within the first 30 minutes or so. There are the usual dumb decisions you find by characters in Found Footage films but these can be overlooked because of the gripping atmosphere provided by the film.


This was a great ‘old school’ horror idea made into a great Found Footage film – very effective!

Each time the Sasquatch attacked the group it was quite an event – the filmmaking decisions and the stunts were very impressive. When you combine this with the amazing cinematography provided by the burnt out area of Bastrop you are onto a real winner.

I also liked the way that the beast was not left as a figment of our imagination. For long periods of the film you only get to see a hairy arm or leg here and there backed up by a set of nasty teeth. The further the film moves along the more we got to see of the creature and it was certainly not a disappointing sight.

I’m pretty sure that there are going to be a handful of haters out there that are going to jump on Sanchez’s back. What people have to realize is that he is one of the ‘godfathers’ of this genre so he’s bound to stick to this style of filmmaking.

For me this is a return to the top of the tree for Sanchez – a real gem in this genre. I recently watched his independent horror Lovely Molly and was bitterly disappointed – it was shit!

This film provided everything that a good Found Footage horror should and was gripping from start to finish. The acting was way above standard for this type of horror and the effects and make up were also top quality.

Definitely one to put on your list – don’t miss this experience!




  1. I am commenting on your review on EXISTS !! I have seen a lot of foundfootage movies(a lot),but this is my favorite one! Exists is just in a class of its own,unrelenting terror,non stop action(once it gets going after about 20 minutes),a ruthless monster,a unforgettable bicycle chase scene,and a monster that had a reason to kill..revenge!!As far as Im concerned Exists is the best foundfootage bigfoot movie..by far!!!! My wife hates horror movies,she only liked 2 of my collection..Black Christmas(the original),and Exists.I’ve watched it 3 times and cant seem to get enough.A must see for foundfootage fans!!! Great review Chris!!

    • Hi Tim!

      Yeah I have to agree with you – it’s an excellent Found Footage example with a lot of money behind it. Some of the scenes were by far the best I’ve seen in the Found Footage genre. Glad you enjoyed the review 🙂

    • Yeah that bike scene was really well done – like the majority of the movie. One of my favorite Found Footage offerings.

  2. Just finished watching this. I actually really enjoyed this. The last few found footage style films I watched were pretty bleh but this one was good.

    • Hi Mitch,
      Yeah this was an excellent example of Found Footage from start to finish – it’s on our top ten list 🙂

  3. By far the best Sasquatch FF I’ve seen to date. Still I don’t find the concept of the Sasquatch that scary, maybe that episode of Teenacious D when they made him their drummer ruined it for me 🙂

    • Yeah this one tops the list in the Bigfoot category of Found Footage – a wonderful experience ( I actually watched it again two nights ago and loved it as much as the first viewing! ). One of the classics.

  4. I thought this movie was okay, the ending is what really saved it IMO. It was REALLY clever and REALLY unexpected for me. I love a good ending found footage jump scare as much as anyone, but a nice ambiguous ending that makes you think every once in a while is refreshing.

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