Exorcism ( 2014 ) – Real Exorcism Story?


Exorcism ( 2014 ) - Real Exorcism Story?

So the IMDb ratings yet again convinced me to try out a low budget Found Footage horror based on a ​real exorcism story. Were these ratings legit or were they yet again posted by the director’s family and friends?


Yeah, they were definitely posted by crew members and close relations to the director! I know a rating of 4.5 isn’t exactly high but it is WAY to high for this particular offering.

It’s a British based Found Footage film that tries it’s best to stand out and shine but I’m afraid it was facing an uphill battle…

The Plot

Director Robert Davies is in the process of filming a rather shitty sequel to the classic The Exorcist film ( I’m pretty sure it has sequels already but there we go! ).

Our hapless director has decided upon including a ‘behind the scenes’ segment in his movie that takes place in an abandoned house. This house is apparently the site of a real exorcism story.

He turns up with lead actress Ash, former lead actress Kate, lead actor Phil, make-up artist Jo along with cameraman Mike and boom mic operator Terry.

Robert’s excitement at gaining access to this spooky location is short lived as his group suddenly starts falling one by one…

Films Need Actors!

It’s pretty hard for me to write this review as I got stuck on the acting and couldn’t really move past it – it was that bad!

Just about every character in the film was ‘over-acted’ and unrealistic – it was a right mess.

Usually I’m all for giving indie horror films a fair chance to shine but within 10 minutes I wanted this crap off my screen. But I was fully aware that I had to sit through it for the purposes of this review ( the things I do for this site! ).

I’m afraid that not one of the film’s scenes appeared realistic and everything was blatantly staged. The first ‘death’ involves a group member being electrocuted ( how he manages this I’ll never know ). Now this death led to some of the worst grief-type responses I’ve ever seen – hilariously bad acting!

A Real Exorcism Story?

To be honest this film struggles to set itself within the exorcism genre – there was very little ( if any ) Roman Catholic influence here.

We get to the house and the group members start dropping like flies – it’s hard to keep up with who is still breathing and who is worm food!

Everything was sort of crammed in there resulting in one messy film full of bad actors. It didn’t work on any level I’m afraid!


Being British myself, I was seriously hoping this Found Footage film was going to be up to standard…it wasn’t!

It felt more like a college project than a serious movie and I have no idea how the director ( Lance Patrick ) managed to locate and hire so many poor actors.

I struggled to enjoy any of the scenes and my concentration constantly drifted away from the film’s plot. I wish I could write a longer review for you but there’s really nothing more I can say about this film – it’s not very good!

One to avoid if possible…



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