Exscind (2016) – Movie Review

Exscind (2016) - Movie Review

The things I sometimes have to sit through for the sake of this site…

Okay, let’s try to be as positive as possible about this review, even though I have to write it AFTER sitting through the horrific (not in a good way) 80 minute runtime of this title.

So…oh sod it…let’s just go straight into the movie’s plot…

The Plot

After reading a magazine article about a case of multiple murders 50 years ago, an excited paranormal group sets out to investigate the site where the serial killers lived and where the horrifying crimes occurred. As day turns to night and evidence mounts, they encounter a situation far beyond their control and expectations.

Conclusion (I Got Here Fast Didn’t I?)

Sounds good doesn’t it?

Well it’s not.

To be honest I’m feeling a little bit pissed that I have to give this film bandwidth and text space on my site…but I have to take on all entries to the genre.

So let’s start with the positives – it’s Found Footage and it’s in the horror genre.

That’s about it.

I was really excited about a fortnight ago as I was contacted by several directors regarding their new films AND a load of you got in touch about new Found Footage releases you’d found online.

All of a sudden I had about 30 new Found Footage movies to get through – Christmas had come early!!!!

Hold that thought for a moment…Christmas had certainly NOT come early.

I’ve gone through about 10 of these movies so far and it’s about 50/50 – five of them have been enjoyable, and five of them have been fucking painful!

This one’s certainly in the painful category.

I knew I was in trouble within the first five minutes of the film…when the sheriff turns up on the scene.

Who is this old guy?

Is he even an actor?

He seemed to be confused – almost like the filmmaker’s decided to get him out on day release but forget his medication.

The actors that surround him are bad, but on a slightly different level – they all know where they are, but they suck at what they do!

It gives me no pleasure whatsoever to be so negative in a review – but if I tried to throw a positive angle on this film I’d be letting this site down.

It’s best we just make this post as short and sweet as possible…

Acting – terrible

Plot – what plot?

Cinematography – confusing camera work

(and don’t even get me started on the ‘possession scene’ at the end of the movie!).

Not good, not good at all.




  1. Hi dude – long time fan of the site with a recommendation here!
    I’m currently watching a FF film called Black Tape (2005).
    It’s about a muslim woman mistreated by her new husband, and believe me, it’s distrurbing enough to feature on your site lol
    Cant tell you how im watching it, but reccomend you track it down. Even though it’s subtitled and arabic, it has me quite hooked! They even managed to capture a hail-storm in one scene, and it suit the mood beautifully.
    Regards Night Pasta

    • Hiya Night Pasta!

      Well that sounds pretty interesting stuff – never heard of it! Time to hit the illegal streaming sites I think!!!!

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