Eyes in The Dark ( 2010 ) – Native Indian Monsters


Eyes in The Dark ( 2010 ) - Native Indian Monsters

More often than not I come across an awesome film cover that actually ends up being the best part of the film. In my experience these types of covers are there to ‘cover up’ the fact that the film itself is crap.

When Eyes in The Dark landed on my coffee table I didn’t really know what to think. Here was a Found Footage horror film that had probably the worst DVD cover I had ever seen!

It was a snapshot of some sort of valley with an incredibly cheesy pair of red eyes in the skyline. The film’s title looked like it had been created on a simple Paint program with the caption ‘Stay Close to The Light’ underneath it.

The blurb on the back of the case informed me that I was holding a Found Footage offering based on native Indian monsters.

Did it turn out to be as bad as it’s cover?

Native Indian Monsters

Thankfully this was nowhere near as cheap or dour as it’s DVD cover – I actually quite enjoyed it.

The film did an awesome job of providing the “less is more” scenario. It manages to give us small tastes of what is to come then unleashes all hell at the end.

I also liked the way the film was divided up into a handful of segments – it wasn’t just based on one camera. There was one main camera that held the majority of the film’s material and a few others thrown in there for good measure.

The Plot

Eyes in The Dark is ( supposed to be ) FBI secret footage of a dangerous presence in the Northwest Wilderness.

It follows the trip seven students make to a vacation lodge to ‘let off a little steam’. As they hike around the local area they stumble upon an ancient hidden cave that seems to fit in with a local legend.

Without warning, unsettling signs begin to appear around their vacation spot and the lodge caretaker begins to act very strangely.

What strange force has followed them back from the cave and what are those blistering red eyes in the dark…


As I mentioned above, I quite liked the way this film was broken up slightly into segments. The first several minutes of the film follows a pair of nature enthusiasts who are studying the lack of Doe activity in the woods.

This quickly cuts to a following segment at the height of it’s suspense – it’s quite an effective way to start the movie.

I found this way of piecing the film together pretty realistic – it gives slightly more credibility to the whole FBI gig.

In fact the whole film was perfectly realistic and atmospheric except for one vital ingredient…

…the monsters


This could definitely have rated as one of the best Found Footage efforts in recent times if they had put a little time and effort into the monster creations.

In certain scenes they were really shit ( apologies for the language but there’s really no other way to put it! ).

Credit to the film, it still managed to be incredibly tense and enjoyable but the special effects team need a long holiday ( or a new job! ).

One of the last scenes shows us a little bit more of one of these creatures and it’s actually done really well – what happened to the other scenes involving them?

I find it mad that a director would look at some of these scenes and go “awesome work lads, that looks great!”. Maybe I’m being a little bit harsh but I’ve come across YouTube efforts that have created better creatures.

Apart from this BIG downside I loved the film! I thought it was fast moving, well shot, atmospheric with good performances throughout.

For some reason they appear to have had no money left when it came to the DVD cover and the creature effects!

Well worth watching if you can overlook the paper-thin creatures efforts in certain scenes.




    • Seriously? Considering the rather large cast ( especially for Found Footage standards ) I thought they did pretty well. Sure, you’re always going to get the odd over-acting here and there but that’s part of the indie film makeup I’m afraid ( more often than not! ).
      But we’re all entitled to our opinions so cheers for leaving yours Matthew!

  1. Seems interesting. I’ve been looking for a decent found footage film to watch for a while. I’ll definitely check this one out!

  2. I enjoyed the movie. As you said yeah the monsters dont look good but at least its not crappy CGI.

    Good review.

    • Hey Oscar, Yeah it’s not that bad is it – just a shame about the lack of budget for the creatures at the end. Still – well worth a watch 🙂

  3. The movie looked promising the first 30 minutes, but the lack of acting skills in particularly the female actors really ruined it a lot for me. i would rather have good acting and bad CGI than both. – i really liked your review and enjoy this webpage a lot, keep up the good work mate!

  4. This was truly a unique experience, as someone who is obsessed with found footage horror films (and to be honest i’m scraping the barrel of ones i haven’t seen) i found it to be unique, sure you’re not going to get the best actors in low budget found footage horror movies but i think these guys did well enough and the early humor seemed natural and not forced which i really appreciated, not to mention the unique plot was very refreshing/interesting.

    • Hey there Sammy – glad you enjoyed the movie as well. Thanks for chipping in with your own opinions/comment 🙂

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