FilmCity Shoulder Rig – The Best DSLR Shoulder Rig?

FilmCity Shoulder Rig

Product: FILMCITY DSLR Shoulder Rig FC-02 Kit with Camera Cage & Matte box

Subject: The Best DSLR Shoulder Rig

Manufacturer: FilmCity

Price:  $156.00 ( Retail )

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Our Rating: 9 out of 10

Looking for a high quality rig that doesn’t cost the earth? In this review we’re going to take a look at the Filmcity Shoulder Rig – a popular DSLR rig that many filmmaking enthusiasts are raving about.

This has all the features you would want in a quality rig but the cost is very reasonable. The following is a quick overview to give you an idea what this product is all about.

We’ll also take a look at some of the pros and cons so you can see for yourself if this is the product for you.

Product Overview

The FILMCITY DSLR Shoulder Rig FC-02 Kit comes with a matte box and 9 inch camera cage, an adjustable shoulder pad for more comfortable use, and your equipment can be securely mounted to a tripod with the quick release plate.

The counter weight increases stability and provides more solid balance – no more vibrations or unnecessary movement.

The soft grip top handle makes it easier to do handheld shooting without getting tired. It comes with a universal base plate so is suitable for most DV, HDV or DSLR cameras.

The Good & The Bad

The Pros

  • Looks pretty slick – even if you’re new to film making you’re going to look like a professional with this bit of gear!
  • Coming in at less than $200 this is a relatively cheap shoulder rig, but don’t let the price fool you – it has everything you could possibly need in a decent rig.
  • Comes with a lot of accessories and is user friendly enough that you can add your own too.
  • It’s suitable for most DSLR, DV and HDV cameras.
  • The FilmCity shoulder rig is strong but light and easy to use.
  • You can customize it, and if you know what you’re doing you don’t have to exactly stick to the instruction book. It is compatible with many other accessories that are easily mountable to your rig.
  • Easy to assemble – the instructions are pretty straightforward, but if you’re having any problems just have a look on YouTube as there are some videos there that demonstrate assembly.
  • Many user reviews state that this is THE best shoulder rig for the money, and after extensive research into the different rigs on the market we’re inclined to agree (we recommend checking them out for yourself on Amazon). The features that you get with this offer some serious bang for your buck.

The Cons:

Reviewers mentioned a few tiny niggles, but for the most part reviews are very positive and there weren’t any major cons to be aware of.

The following are just a few things mentioned that could have been improved on, but don’t really affect the overall quality and functionality of the rig:

  • Shoulder pad isn’t as comfortable as it could be – you could replace this pretty easily with a better one if you find it’s not for you.
  • Some of the rig is made from plastic to keep it light and portable – although this is not an issue as it is very sturdy (the necessary parts are made from metal) some people do mention that the handlebars could be better quality. Again you could upgrade these if you really wanted to.
  • You need to tighten the screws on the matte box very well or the pieces can get loose.
  • Follow Focus is not included (but can be purchased separately).

Who is This Product For?

This rig is suitable for anyone with a DSLR camera who wants to try their hand at filmmaking. This is suitable for amateurs, professional filmmakers and anyone in between who wants to produce a high quality film using a highly functional, good quality and professional looking rig.


Is this the best DSLR shoulder rig on the market? Well it’s definitely up there with the best and is one to consider if you’re in the market for a cheap shoulder rig that costs less than $200.

The user reviews are majority 4 and 5 star and the general consensus is that for the price, you’re getting a pretty awesome deal.

Not only that, but many reviewers who purchased on Amazon commented on the fast delivery and the excellent customer service provided by the company.

Check it out for yourself – we think you’ll be impressed!

US Visitors – CLICK HERE For More Info on The FILMCITY DSLR Shoulder Rig FC-02 Kit with Camera Cage & Matte box

UK Visitors – CLICK HERE For More Info on The FILMCITY DSLR Camera Cage Shoulder Rig Kit (FC-02) with Matte Box

We hope you enjoyed our FILMCITY DSLR Shoulder Rig FC-02 Kit review and if you have any questions about the product or want to leave your own personal review, please leave a comment in the section below.


  1. Hey there it’s Alexey. I liked your review very much, & your video as well. The FilmCity Shoulder Rig looks very professional and to be honest, awesome as well. I am not in that industry nor have some connection to filming and DSLR, but it looks like something that professionals should consider to buy 🙂
    Thanks for the share!

    • LOL no problem Alexey – do you read EVERY article I post? It certainly seems that way! 🙂

      Thanks for the support mate – great to see you back here once again.

  2. Hi Chris!

    Great to see another awesome review from you. I tried recording a music video for a band once, just using my bare hands, without any shoulder rig or any other types of support, and I can tell you, it is a pain in the ass!

    I am glad to have found this product, as it seems very affordable, especially for amateurs or beginners. Do you think this could be a good long term investment? How long will it last, before it needs to be replaced by a better one?

    Thanks, and great site =)

    • Personally I think it’s good enough for the long term mate! There are more expensive options out there but this has just about everything you need ( for an affordable price! )

  3. Hi Chris,
    Nice review of this shoulder rig. Would this rig fit all DSLRs or only certain kinds of cameras? Also, are there any adapters that might be needed to fit my camera?
    I have not tried to make films but since I am a photographer I am thinking of trying to create some short films and this rig seems to be perfect for the price.

    • This fits many types of cameras Ian – we cover them in the review! No adapters needed.

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