Followed (2015) – Movie Review

Followed (2015) - Movie Review

Found this interesting offering about three weeks ago on one of the many Putlocker rip-off sites floating about there at the moment.

Actually went to watch it again last night only to find out that the site was now nothing more than a 404 redirect ( well that’s what you get for running an illegal film streaming site I guess! ).

The IMDb ratings were pretty good but they were averaged off only 54 users – how many of these are relatives of the cast is anyone’s guess?

Anyway, it was new, I hadn’t heard anything about it and it was Found Footage – I needed to find out more…

The Plot

The film follows David and Rachel as they document their cross-country move. For some strange reason David believes that this journey is the perfect time to surprise Rachel with a proposal?

During the ‘will he, won’t he?’ shoots, David starts to pick up some pretty strange footage of a shadowy character.

Are they being followed?

The Twist

I’ll lay all my cards on the table here and say right from the off that this film relied heavily on a rather major twist ( I’m not going to tell you what it is obviously! ).

For the most part it was a pretty well put together effort but there was nothing really ground breaking about it.

A lot of big budget Hollywood movies rely on twists to get asses on the seats in cinemas – it seems like director M.J. Anderson and writer Casey Campbell have felt no problem in implementing this ‘twist’ scenario into a Found Footage title.

It’s a pretty brave move, but it’s a move that just about works out for them!


There are going to be two types of critics who watch this film – the one who finds the the film full of uneven dialogue that keeps building and building but goes absolutely nowhere…

And the Found Footage fan who really doesn’t mind this type of banana skin and watches the movie for what it is!

I’m the second one ( obviously! ).

The film desperately tries to use the ‘oh my god’ shock-twist factor and I’m still not entirely sure it gets away with it. But I still kinda enjoyed it!

I think it’s probably got to the point where I find about 99% of Found Footage films enjoyable…and that’s not necessarily a good thing!

Maybe I enjoyed this film because it was a new Found Footage film and I was excited when I hit the play button?

Maybe I’m getting too drawn into the horror genre that I love so much?

But I enjoyed it…many others out there probably won’t!

I found the actors more than competent without being too memorable, the cinematography was up to scratch and ambitious twist effort ‘nearly’ satisfying.

I’m not sure how many of you are going to agree with me on this one but the 83 minutes on offer seemed adequate enough to satisfy my FF addiction.

Worth watching…but only if you are a Found Footage fan!

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  1. What an unusual site and very informative if you’re a film buff. I really do like to know the plot of a film or play before I watch it. I don’t want to waste my time watching something I’m not interested in.
    I see you’ve already reviewed a few films, one of which I will probably try and watch. We have so many different films come onto the TV, it’s difficult to know what to go for. The simple synopsis given is often not enough and on some occasions bare no relation to the plot at all!
    I will keep a look out for those you review as it would appear you have similar tastes to me! Ches

  2. I think ff can just ‘get away’ with a lot, because of the sense of realism it inherently has. So i’s ok to like 99 percent of them lol

    This one was okay: but the one thing that made me go “What?!” was
    the security cameras in an abandoned waterpark. Did no-one on the production go: “Um, that makes no sense, and the audience will think IT’S dumb” Oh well LOL

    • I didn’t think about that Modji – great point! Why would they have the cameras on in an abandoned park with gates open?

  3. Great site, Chris. Thanks to you, I have found some real gems of the FF genre (which I also like 99% of, so I’m probably not the most discriminating critic LOL) that I would have missed otherwise.

    I liked Followed, too. I thought the characters were likable and the acting very competent. Adam LeClair (David) in particular did a good job. The build-up was slow even for found footage, but I enjoyed the characters, and the knowledge that something bad is coming is always enough to keep me interested.

    That said, SPOILERS ……………..

    The ending was a bit too abrupt, without enough buildup to the twist. I want to rewatch to see what clues there were earlier (other than a radio in background talking about a new clue that is sort of a giveaway to the twist).

    Re security cameras: Somebody still owns the park, apparently, and is trying to keep an eye on vandals and intruders; that made sense to me. What didn’t make sense was the open gate. As you said, that doesn’t fit with the motivation to have security cameras.

    Also, they could have done a better job with the “stalker” character. Why did he behave in such a sinister way, like whispering “you’re going to die” outside the door, etc., given what we eventually learn?

    But errors like this just go with the low-budget FF territory, I guess. Overall, an entertaining film.

    Thanks again for your work on this site. Looking forward to more reviews.

    • Hi there Steve!
      Yeah I forgot about the ‘You’re going to die’ whisper outside the door! Wouldn’t a ‘Get the f##k out she’s gonna slice you up’ work a bit better 🙂
      The film certainly has a few dull points but it works overall (I thought!). I missed that radio show twist – I’m gonna have to watch that again!

  4. Hey Chris, I really like your post and I’m interested films and I review them too on my site! I don’t really watch new found footage but I might give it a go because you really persuaded me with this article! Also, did you see Suicide Squad? I want to know your opinion on it. By the way, I noticed your full name is the same as Captain America’s actor!

    • LOL yeah I get that all the time 🙂

      I haven’t seen Suicide Squad yet but my eldest son is nagging me to take him…

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