Followers (2017) – Movie Review

Followers (2017) - Movie Review

Well, this one managed to completely confuse me…but it was interesting and well put together, at various points throughout it’s run time…

It was apparently released to a limited amount of US theaters at some point last year – I knew nothing about it until I stumbled upon it on a Putlocker site last night.

Directed by newcomer Ryan Justice and touted as being in the vein of 2016’s Friend Request…was it any good?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Plot

A social media couple’s camping trip is ruined by filmmakers making a documentary on how easy it is to track someone down off social media and kill them.


Confused with the plot bio above?

You should be, I was too when I was watching the movie!

I suppose I should explain the layout of the film, without hitting any spoiler alerts…

Well, the whole project is sort of split up into 3 sections. The first follows the characters of online celebs Brooke and Caleb, as they try their hand at camping (for a upcoming Vlog, of course!).

We then move onto Nick and Jake – played by much more believable actors in my humble opinion, but their ‘part’ in the story is where the spoilers begin.

Last but not least – we move into complete spoiler territory…and it gets confusing as fuck!

Seriously, for a moment I thought I’d jumped pages on the streaming site and ended up halfway through a different movie.

I’m kinda making it sound like a bit of a jumbled fuck up but there are some underlying qualities to this film…but there are also complete head-scratching moments to digest…


Followers is pretty much a conundrum of a film that manages to fit in the blank spaces right between the horror and thriller genres/niches – it’s very bold and adventurous…but I’m not 100% sure it works!

First and foremost – the acting.

Now, I’m starting with the positives here, the cast was pretty good for a indie Found Footage movie (especially the actors portraying Nick and Jake).

Director Ryan Justice was able to throw in a few humorous situations throughout the first two ‘sections’ of the movie, and they worked pretty well due to the believable and natural actors.

I have no complaints with the cinematography – I thought the iPhone, GoPro and camcorder scenes were just about as good as they could have been.

As I touched on above – the script was humorous when it needed to be, and cleverly deep at other points…so it worked pretty well.

So, why am I sitting on the fence with this film?

Enter the final ‘section’ of the story…

What the fuck happened there?

Unfortunately, I can’t give you any hints on it’s direction, because it’s so messed up and surprising I’d spoil it for everyone reading this.

All I can say is that it didn’t really work for me – and I’m still scratching my head as to WHY it was used as a conclusion to the plot?

Followers really succeeds smartly with its keen social commentary but it unfortunately gets seriously bizarre and ridiculous. If someone could explain to me the targeted angle of the movie’s climax – maybe I’d rate it a little higher overall?

Worth watching for the first two ‘sections’, and some decent role play efforts…but what the fuck happened to it’s climax?

Watch it and find out for yourself…



  1. The last 3rd was so useless. I guess they needed a way to kill them. Could’ve been 10 times better if they took out the last part.

    • Yep, glad you agree Tim. I have no idea why they chose that angle…and I guess I never will! It’s a shame really because the rest of the film is half decent.

  2. The final section of Followers is an example of how to ruin a good film. There was no need to summon that cult because all of four main characters had potential for multiple endings and fates. Honestly, the part 3 of plot feels like an unrelated section. As you said, it looks like it’s from another FF film! It’s cliche, generic and predictable. A bad choice for this film, very disappointing.

    As much as I enjoyed the 2/3 of Followers I disliked the last part. Anyway I think Followers proved the internet/digital life theme is still scary and creepy enough for making more FFFs about it. Also I think the team behind Followers can create a better FFF in the future.

    • Yep I agree – the internet/digital life theme has a lot more mileage in it yet (when done correctly!) 🙂
      I am still a little baffled by the ending myself – I have no idea where it came from, or who in their right mind would think it was a good idea…

  3. Ok… still scratching my head. My take on the third act is maybe to show a different type of follower? Instead of technology driven, their lack of it and hanging on the every word of the leader who’s goal seemed to be ridding anyone who uses technology. Look at the first scene. Ok, that’s I can think of as to why such a odd 3rd act.
    Time for a happy movie like Cabin in the Woods. Lol

    • That’s not a bad shout really Candice – the technology angle seems to fit, but it’s still a messed up ending to the movie!!! 🙂

    • You’re absolutely correct. It was to show a parallel of cult following to social media following . Also we didn’t want to end the film with a predictable ending. I really enjoy the commentary on here and I appreciate everyone that watched our film.

      • Just had to check on this again before posting (sorry for the delay – moving house!).
        The same Ryan Justice that made the movie right? Nice to have you here.
        And thanks for taking the time to go through the climax of the movie with us – I was pretty baffled until Candice came out with that angle!
        Are you thinking of releasing any other Found Footage movies?

  4. This movie actually feels like a Youtube vlog..scene transitions are fine. The acting is alright but some of the scenes are made unreal. I enjoyed the movie and I hope to see more of this director. I give this move 6/10 because it is a good movie but it doesn’t reach its own potential.

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