Frankenstein’s Army ( 2013 ) – Most Recent Frankenstein Movie

Frankenstein's Army ( 2013 ) - Most Recent Frankenstein Movie

​I was surprised to find out that this most recent Frankenstein movie was filmed in the found footage format. I was stuck on a five hour bus journey from London to Wales and this was one of the horror offerings I had downloaded to my Android tablet!

I’ll say surprised but not disappointed – this seemed like something a little different to me again! This had more than it’s fair share of new ideas and dark story lines – a whole new twist to the found footage genre.

World War II 

This recent Frankenstein movie was based at the end of the second World War with a Russian troop entering Nazi Germany. Right from the first scene I could tell this film was going to be a different animal than the other found footage films out there – it had a more European or British ‘darkness’ to the way it was filmed and portrayed.

Inventive And Original Creatures 

I suppose the most original element of this Frankenstein movie was the design and thought that went into the ‘creatures’. I have a feeling that if the movie had been filmed in the US then there would of been a less ‘art’ feel to the film overall.

Instead of your normal zombie like Frankenstein’s monsters stumbling around mumbling we got an altogether different creature. They were a sort of Silent Hill clockwork-type invention which looked really impressive and unique on the big screen. They had all the originality required to make this film a cult classic in horror circles!

Flowed Like An Xbox Game!

Once the creatures appeared in this Frankenstein movie it really did feel fast paced like a video game. The first person perspective from which it was filmed really did work wonders for the feel and pace of the film. When they were being chased ‘new’ monsters seemed to pop up from everywhere and lurked around every corner.

Trying Something Different

Yes, this filmed worked because it was trying something different and succeeding with it. I remember one of the lines in the film – “My father said, men will be more efficient if they have hammers and screwdrivers instead of fingers”. Well they really did stick to this idea and every strange and inventive creature had a ‘clockwork’ feel to it’s design – unique and frightening!

They array of ideas put into these creatures was really entertaining at times. We went from tall stilted creatures that looked like circus acts to shorter inventions with propeller heads with knives and screwdrivers for hands – very freaky!

Nazi Experiments

I was particularly impressed that this most recent Frankenstein movie involved the idea of Nazi medical experiments. Now this has already been tried in a handful of films but this one really seemed to carry it off well!

Most of the creature action takes place in a disused factory at the end of the second World War. The more creatures that appear the more deeper into the factory grounds our band of Russians end up.

More Direct Found Footage Filming

This most recent Frankenstein movie managed to stay away from the all to typical ‘what was that?’ filming through the camera. A lot of found footage movies tend to go for the ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ element in their filming – this was completely in your face!

The monsters were not hiding in dark forests or shrouded by paranormal activity – they were there on camera and they meant business! The film did not suffer from a lack of atmosphere because of this – it seemed to thrive on it!


Out of all the most recent Frankenstein movie’s on offer over the past two decades or so I’d have to say this one was by far the most unique. The director Richard Raaphorst certainly has something new about his delivery and his ideas.

It was filmed in Prague ( Czech Republic ) so the environment felt ‘right’ for a war movie throughout. I’m unsure about the budget of the movie but whatever it was it seemed to be enough! The creatures and the filming of the horror were spot on and very original.

Because of my love of Found Footage I would say that this is by far the most memorable of Frankenstein efforts – unique and effective. If you have managed to view this most recent Frankenstein movie we would love to hear your opinions on the film – we are often biased in our reviews if we enjoy the film so a few negative comments are more than welcome to ‘steady the ship’. Please leave any reviews or opinions in the comment section below!



  1. Saw this last night(finally),I got mixed reviews. It was so well done and professional that sometimes it didn’t have a “found footage” feel to it. (if that makes any sense..lol)Fast paced,not boring,so yeah,it was pretty good.

    • Hey Tim hows it going?
      Yeah the camera quality didn’t quite match up to the era they were trying to portray really – it was near enough perfect HD lol. Fun Found Footage movie all the same!

  2. After reading this I think I’m gonna give this film a look. I love Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. De Niro was awesome as Frankenstein!

    There’s a certain way to film found footage films…Cloverfield I’m afraid, was not the way to do it!

    I like the way you say it flowed like an Xbox game. Anyway, nice website – the best Found Footage domain online… I’m gonna bookmark it 🙂

    • Hi there!

      Well thanks for all the positive vibes mate! So you’re not a fan of Cloverfield? Oh well – each to their own I suppose!

      A word of warning though – this isn’t exactly a traditional type of Frankenstein movie…more of a sort of modern mash-up mixed in with the second World War.

      Anyway – you’ll enjoy it! 🙂

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