Seething (2013)

Seething is a 2013 release from the YouTube channel TheMohinders that I was lucky enough to stumble upon and review around the time of July 2014 (seems a long time ago now…).

As you all probably already know – finding decent Found Footage movies on YouTube is pretty hit and miss on the best of days…but I have a simple formula I use to weed ’em out:

If the film is split up into various segments – I give it a go!

If the film is a single feature that runs over 35 minutes – I give it a go!

Now, that’s just a formula I use to locate films that may be worth including here – please don’t set it up as gospel (I may well have missed a few beauties through using this system!).


TheMohinders bio reads: “Random videos by random people. Just a couple of art students who decided to make videos, like em? Subscribe! These videos are for da laughs, don’t take em’ seriously or get offended by them.”

You may well have caught onto an Irish twang in that last passage right? (These videos are for ‘DA’ laughs!).

But don’t for a second think that Seething is nothing more than a student ‘mash up’ as it’s managed to drum up 32,952 views and 158 Likes (at the time of writing this).

I’ll be honest with you here – it’s pretty darn good!

Anyway, to save time and finger work I’m going to include the video description the boys themselves used on the YouTube release:

“A found footage horror/thriller about strange happenings in an apartment block. Sounds familiar right? It is, but I assure you, this is not just another horror movie. We put our own spin on it as the same old formula is getting boring, it won’t end predictably, nor will you see the film in the same way after watching it. For the best experience, watch in a dark room with headphones on. Enjoy!”

I couldn’t of put it better myself! 🙂

So the same gig as always guys – if you enjoy this film please take the time to visit YouTube and show the lads some love. A simple comment, like or social share goes a long way in YouTube’s ranking algorithm.

Enjoy the film.