The Museum Project (2016)

The Museum Project is a 2016 release from Aussie filmmakers (Adelaide, South Australia) Freeze Frame Films. I originally covered it in a review on June the 15th, 2016.

Yet another great example of the FREE Found Footage options out there…if you’re prepared to look hard enough!

I initially came across Freeze Frame Films when I stumbled onto their Found Footage effort The Secluded House…and I was bowled over by what they had achieved in it.

The Museum Project is a much bigger project where they have even managed to improve on their initial indie production values – it’s actually a lot better than most of the shit I have to sit through and review these days!

As always, if you enjoy the movie, please consider visiting their YouTube Channel and Liking, Commenting or even Subscribing to their channel.

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Enjoy the movie.