Frost (2012) – Movie Review

Frost (2012) - Movie Review

When I first came across Reynir Lyngdal’s Frost I really thought I was onto a winner. It’s an Icelandic Found Footage offering that I hoped would follow the mold of Troll Hunter ( Which was Norwegian if my memory serves me correctly! ).

I’m not going to say it was good…and I’m certainly not going to say it was bad…I just feel like Mr. Lyngdal missed an opportunity to make something special!

The Plot

Physiologist Agla is stuck working at a glacier camp when her boyfriend filmmaker, Gunnar, suddenly turns up.

They spend a couple of ‘peaceful’ nights at the camp until one morning they arise to find that they have been deserted – all the other team members have disappeared.

They start to search for the reasons behind the disappearance of their co-workers…and are shocked with what they find…

A Straight Line

I often find that foreign films of the Found Footage genre tend to be more bearable than their English language counterparts…but I’m afraid this was not the case here.

The whole thing seemed to travel in a straight line from start to finish and lacked the originality of REC and Troll Hunter.

I’m still a little baffled as to why it ended up this way – the film’s shooting locations were eerie enough by themselves lending a hand to any cinematography effort.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident managed to make awesome use of the snow but Frost managed to completely miss this trick…which was a big mistake!

When the title credits rolled it actually felt a little incomplete – and I had struggled to gather enough notes for this review!


I better start by saying that this is NOT a bad Found Footage offering…but it’s missed a bag full of tricks, and that’s really irritating!

These tricks could have been used to build on the atmosphere and tension in the film but as it stands – we end up with something pretty ‘normal’.

I also found some of the general camerawork shitty which was a little disheartening…considering the protagonist in question is supposed to be a professional cameraman ( Gunnar ).

The acting side of things was well done though – I think the two main characters carried the film pretty well and should go on to bigger and better things.

They helped the plot remain pretty intriguing throughout and helped lend a great deal of realism to proceedings.

But overall I was disappointed to find that the best scene of the film came right at the start – a sort of intro to the story if you like!

After this initial scene the film sort of suffered from a lack of ambition and failed to stand out of the crowd. So much so that there’s really not that much to base this review on…

Average overall but it could of been a lot better with the minimal of effort.

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  1. Too bad this one failed, because Icelandic films in general are usually pretty good. I guess you got to cut the Icelandics some slack, they are about 150 people hanging on to a vulcanic island shaped like a turkey in the middle of nowhere. And still they manage to deliver a bunch of great music and watchable films on a regular basis. “Frost” is probaby the exception. They used to have a bank up there as well, but in 2010 it spent all their savings on junk bonds or something, leaving everyone broke and miserable. Still the movie Malmhaus (Metal Head) from 2013 is a sold drama and a great introduction to icelandic cinema. It’s not FF, but deals with stuff like loss, rebellion and black metal in a darkly humouristic way.

  2. This is one of the found footage films that I like several aspects of and enjoy specific parts, but as a whole it didn’t fully fit together. Thought it was like less interesting “At the Mountains of Madness” by good ol Lovecraft. Have you heard of a French found footage called “Babysitting”? Is comedy and lot of fun (not fully found footage style but mostly). Also a found footage movie called Drunk Wedding? It is hilarious and has same actor that was comic relief character in PA Ghost Dimension! Check it out for sure. Read review that mentioned it was like the Hangover movie (if it actually happened). Also channel and first Segment up on Friday!!! Finally finished editing last of it today.

    • I haven’t heard of the French film no – I watched that Ghost Dimension a couple of weeks back but I haven’t found the time to review it yet!

      • Ok, babysitting isn’t true found footage, but it is a fun hybrid. The switch back and forth is done well I thought. Drunk Wedding though is all found footage all the way and is quite funny if a little crass in its humor 🙂

        • Drunk Wedding was actually pretty good and the format worked suprisingly well for a comedy. Haunted House 1 and 2 are also ok if you can stand the Wayans Brothers.

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