Gary McKinnon – New UFO Evidence

Gary McKinnon - New UFO Evidence

​In 2002 the world learned that a hacker named Gary McKinnon was collared for hacking into NASA in search of new UFO evidence.

The UK’s national high-tech crime unit discovered he got through NASA’s security and had even broken into the American military networks (what a man!).

The Search For New UFO Evidence

It’s mad to think that Gary McKinnon’s search for UFO evidence could well land him in prison for up to seventy years!

Apparently that is the price for seeking out the truth these days!

I cannot believe the man responsible for pointing out to NASA how pathetically inept their greatest security minds are is being burnt at the stake like this!

Then again we all know what the Americans are like when they get bent over a barrel and screwed publicly!

NASA & Hacking

Two Years

Gary McKinnon’s crusade led to him spending two years crawling through NASA’s archives for new UFO evidence. He spent month after month looking into photo evidence of alien vessels and advanced power technology.

He broke through the barriers and earned himself a free roam around NASA websites where he claimed he stumbled upon many different images of alien vessels and technology.

NASA ain’t happy guys – they are well and truly throwing their toys out of the pram and the American Government are following suit!

The 40 year old McKinnon is now looking at extradition to the United States along with $2 million fines and the whopping big jail term – anyone would think he’s part of a terrorist cell the way this lot are acting!

Who is Gary McKinnon?

So who is this crusader for UFO evidence that brought the Americans to their knees? He must be some secret agent or silent assassin or something…….maybe S.A.S.?

No, not quite! Gary McKinnon is a Scottish systems administrator that has simply turned his hand to hacking (good man!).

The US prosecutor is dubbing this case as the ‘biggest military computer hack of all time’ – ohhhhhh don’t you feel sorry for them!!!

Let’s get one thing straight – if you weren’t hiding the truth from the whole world people would not want to hack into your systems! If you were competent enough at your job then hackers would not be able to get into your systems!

Who is Gary McKinnon?

McKinnon constantly insists that he was only looking into proof of UFO evidence. He was interested in unveiling evidence of free energy suppression and technology that would have benefited mankind!

Unfortunately for him this involved unveiling top secret UFO cover ups.

The following is a statement made by McKinnon on the subject:

“I knew that governments suppressed antigravity, UFO-related technologies, free energy or what they call zero-point energy. This should not be kept hidden from the public when pensioners can’t pay their fuel bills”.

When Interviewed by Wired magazine Gary McKinnon also claimed that he had come across about 400 testimonials from workers involved with air traffic control and nuclear weapons. These testimonials cover the subject of reverse engineered technology that is thought to have been retrieved from alien spacecraft.

The Boy Did Good…….

Gary McKinnon’s search for UFO evidence apparently led to him hacking through 97 military and NASA computers – pretty impressive eh? This all happened within a thirteen month period from 2001 into 2002.

I love the username he used to hack into these official networks – Solo!

How cool does that sound?

On top of all this the American authorities are claiming that during his search for UFO evidence he managed to erase vital network files leading to the whole system shutting down (the US Army’s Military District of Washington network of 2,000 computers!).

Gary McKinnon's search for UFO evidence

Gary McKinnon laughs off the US suggestions that he hacked through firewalls and passwords to get to the information he wanted. Instead he said the whole system was a sham and no passwords were even needed.

He basically called the whole NASA and US military network incompetent in it’s own security – ROCK ON Gary!

Do you think Gary McKinnon was within his rights to go searching for UFO evidence in this manner?

Do you think the US are right to go after him in this manner?

Do you think the US finally got what they deserved as not one of us trust them in any aspect of this subject?

Leave your comments below……


  1. The fact that there r systems out there that people can hack into just shows the incompetence of those in charge. The thicker these peeps r the higher they go and who pays 4 it but us the tax payers. The Gary Mc kinnons of the world deserve some recognition as opposed to those incompetents who drain the system.

    • Hell Yeah! Well put brother! Mckinnon’s likely to spend the rest of his life fighting these assholes and they’re the ones who left the back door open in the first place. Thanks for stopping by and commenting mate!!!

  2. Practically everything I read about the government infuriates me these days, whether it be just a broken system, plain stupidity, or pure evil is beside the point now for me. McKinnon is a brave man, and had every right to do what he did. It is NASA and our entire government that has no right to secrecy in my opinion. Instead they spy on us as if we are the ones ruining the way of life. Sure makes you want to bury your head in the sand. Thanks for the articles! Lots I haven’t ever heard of before

    • No problem Kevin, will be trying to release a few more articles in this section before long!!!!

  3. I suspect that each one of you who fault the government and support McKinnon also think it is fair game to steal money from donation jars, copy and sell dvd’s, and regularly ignore copyrights. While the skill required to do what Gary did is commendable, stealing is stealing and should not earn the thief a pat on the back. No, the US should not keep ET information from the public, but their right to keep information in a computer and call it their own is no different than ours. Is there a one of you who would not object to Gary hacking into your computer and sharing all your private files with the world? I know your answer….

    • Fair enough – opinions are opinions and we treat all of them with the same respect! Thanks for taking the time to comment on the article 🙂

  4. Early on, I remember this man making press statements that he was doing it to punish USA for its foreign policy after it retaliated over 9/11. He said he would carry on doing it until they changed. I thought never mind democracy! Lets all the hackers run the world! Then he found out about the long jail term and then he announced he had Asperger’s so could do anything he wanted without penalty. This man belongs behind bars!

    • Fair enough – that’s your opinion Derek and you have a right to voice it! I’m aware that many others feel the same way as you about Gary…

  5. Dang! McKinnon seems like a hero in my book, exposing the secrets that shouldn’t be hidden so deeply. I remember when I was younger, my neighbor spilled some stories about him time in the Air Force. He talked all about how the government was obviously hiding some pretty crazy secrets involving ufos and their attempts to contact another life force. 

    Of course he was drunk, and the next day approached me and told me he was making all of it up just to tell a good story. I guess he realized that he needed to keep him mouth shut. How sad that even a retired Air Force vet is terrified of talking to much. 

    What kind of threats do you think these guys get?

    • Hey Sydney!

      Well your neighbour sounds like my type of guy – I’d love to have a few beers and a chat with him! 🙂

  6. Interesting article. I have to admit I was a little confused at first how the article ties into the name of your website. However, on to the actual article. Mr. McKinnon made a decision and that decision broke the law. I understand wanting to uncover information in the name of trying to help people, but is it responsible to do so when uncovering it could be detrimental to our security as a country? So it may not be a question of does the U.S. government have the right to go after him, but it absolutely does have the obligation to if a law is broken. Thanks for writing an God bless!

    • First off – our security as a country?

      Doesn’t apply to me or Mckinnon – we’re both from the UK. 

      The article doesn’t tie in with the title to the site, because this article is from a different section of the site (the Geek Article Section) which is growing in popularity by the day! 

    • Google is your friend. I’m not doing all of the work for you! (seriously, Google it, a lot slipped through the net!)

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