Ghoul ( 2015 ) – Ukrainian Famine in 1932


Ghoul ( 2015 ) - Ukrainian Famine in 1932

Ghoul is a new Found Footage effort based on the horror of the Ukrainian famine in 1932. It’s a relatively old paranormal Found Footage concept that’s been shot in a new and original location.

As with most new efforts I review on here – I had no real idea what to expect with this one!

Let’s take a look at how it panned out…

The Plot

The film starts off with some really interesting true footage of the Ukrainian famine in 1932. It doesn’t go on for too long before the film starts proper.

A group of slightly irritating Americans have taken the long journey to the Ukraine to film a documentary on the famine in the 1930’s ( which was known as Holodomor ).

They are interested in the cannibalism aspect of the famine that seemed to grip the Ukrainian nation at the time.

They meet up with a local guide and a rather good looking female interpreter and travel to a rural part of the country to meet a twisted local named Boris.

Now Boris is not your average eastern European dude – he was once imprisoned for acts of cannibalism!

They finally locate the man-eater and he arranges to meet with them for an interview at a remote house ( sounds a little dodgy to me! ).

The group arrive at this remote house to find that things are not what they seem. Boris decides not to turn up for the interview and leaves them to the resident spirit of a serial killer – Andrei Chikatilo.

Pretty Good Stuff

I think this film had many opportunities to fall flat on it’s face but it managed to sidestep every one of them!

I was continually waiting for one of those dull and pointless moments that kill off the realism in a Found Footage film – it never came.

A lot of care and attention seemed to have been put into the atmosphere of the film and this was a vital ingredient – the Ukrainian locations used in the shoot were a perfect fit for the plot’s evolution.


A pretty decent way to spend an hour and thirty minutes if you ask me!

I normally judge the effectiveness of a Found Footage title on whether I would sit through it twice. I’m happy to report that I’ll probably watch this one again in about a month’s time to refresh the experience.

They managed to keep the faux-documentary really believable from start to finish – I think they purposely avoided all the Hollywood cliches successfully.

There were a couple of downsides but you’re going to get that with every Found Footage title really. Why is he still filming? What are they still doing there? Run for f##ks sake RUN!!!!

But overall these little blips were papered up by the whole movie experience – none of them lingered for too long!

This was also one of the more recent genre efforts that had splashed the cash on actors. I thought each and every one of them gave a convincing display and portrayed the terror well throughout.

It’s certainly not a classic but I’d definitely put it on the ‘good enough to mention’ list. Dark, realistic and relatively enjoyable.

I would certainly recommend it to any like-minded Found Footage freaks!




  1. This one went nowhere IMO. First 10 minutes thought it might be cool or hp lovecraft-ish, like The Borderlands, but it’s not.

    • That’s alright modji – opinions are what makes this site work out in the long run 🙂
      Some people will like certain films whilst others won’t be that keen – human nature!
      Great to see you back here again – don’t forget to spread the love and share the site EVERYWHERE lol

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