Grave Encounters 2 ( 2013 ) – Famous Insane Asylum

Grave Encounters 2 ( 2013 ) - Famous Insane Asylum

Those of you that are ​regulars on this site will know of my love for the initial Grave Encounters film. Well with this review I got to revisit that famous insane asylum and I couldn’t wait to get started…

Different Strokes?

The first Grave Encounters film was a simple concept of Found Footage that was carried out correctly – that’s what made it so awesome!

Mix an abandoned asylum with the idea it is haunted by the demons of it’s past patients and bang – a classic Found Footage movie!

It’s worth taking note of how many other Found Footage efforts followed (ripped off) this idea – surely an indication of the films success.

I’ll be honest – I didn’t know what to expect with the second film. Sequels rarely have the desired effect especially when the first film was so popular.

But Grave Encounters 2 was not really that different to the first film – which suited me just fine…

That Famous Insane Asylum

Yeah we get another creepy tour of that twisted asylum but this time it’s from a slightly different angle.

This time the film acts as a sort of advert for the first film – we are looking at the first film as a real experience!

So the movie starts off with many different vloggers giving their opinions on the original film. Some are saying it must be real whilst others are saying it’s complete crap. It’s sort of like a discussion you and I would have on the film – based on our opinions!

We are then thrown behind the cameras of a pair of film students (Richard Harmon and Dylan Playfair). Now these two dudes seem to think of themselves as the next big thing in horror. We get to witness a rather s**t horror movie they are in the process of filming with these cameras.

The story picks up a little when they receive a mysterious message regarding the original Grave Encounters film from a user named ‘Death Awaits’.

This seems to have a profound effect on Harmon and he becomes convinced that the original film is ‘real footage’ and starts up his own investigation.

He manages to track down the director of the initial film (Jerry Hartfield) and get a confession that the original film is indeed the ‘real deal’.

He decides to halt production on his pathetic horror movie and instead start up a documentary on the original Grave Encounters.

This of course involves a return to the famous insane asylum…

Haven’t I Been Here Before?

The one downfall of this film is it’s inability to move on from the first one – the scenes inside the asylum seemed to be near enough the same as the initial movie.

This wasn’t a problem for me as I loved the first offering but others may not be so tolerant!

The same wicked stretchy faced demons are in the second film but they are multiplied. The same locations are used and a couple of the deaths are pretty much carbon copies of the first film.

There are a couple of nice twists in the story this time but overall the film does seem to get stuck in it’s ways a little.


Well I loved the first film and I liked the second one – that’s the simplest opinion I can give!

A return to the same famous insane asylum is pretty cool but there was room for something a little more adventurous – something more original.

The actors, like the first film, were excellent and fit the characters really well. The effects were also top notch again – I love the stretchy faced demons!

Unfortunately the Vicious Brothers (producers of both films) seemed to have stuck a little to closely to a working recipe. There are a handful of new ideas in this film but not enough to warrant it getting made (in my humble opinion!).

I think they have managed to drag everything possible out of this franchise and now it is time to walk away. Some of the new ideas worked and others didn’t – the film’s conclusion seemed a little ‘wrong’ or ‘tired’ to me.

Anyway it’s worth watching if you’re into this genre of horror but don’t expect it to reach the same heights as the first (awesome) film.

As with most (if not all) sequels this is nowhere near as good as the first offering.


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