Grave Encounters Review – Awesome 2011 Found Footage Horror

Grave encounters

I am so pleased we finally got to do this Grave Encounters review as it gave me a legitimate reason to bunk off work and watch this awesome movie for a second time ( for the purposes of this review of course! ).

Not only that – it was the one time my girlfriend could not argue with me about watching horror in the middle of the day!

Just Awesome….

As you can probably tell from the first paragraph this is likely to be a reasonably positive Grave Encounters review. The main reason for this is that this film is my favorite found footage horror movie to date ( but that could change at any point in time due to the amount I watch! ).

When I first came across this film I had no idea it was shot in the found footage style. It looked a good horror flick judging by it’s cover and there were a few positive critic’s ratings floating around. If I’m honest when I found out it was found footage I was a little disappointed at first – I was in the mood for a ‘big screen’ horror and not something filmed through a camcorder.

About thirty minutes into the film my mood changed significantly and I was hooked to the screen – this was awesome!

Theย Grave Encounters Review

Grave Encounters follows the exploits of a film crew from one of those nasty little ghost reality shows. You know the ones – absolute bull***t that somehow gather a following of hapless idiots!

Initially I thought the actors and the acting itself was a little cheesy but it turns out to be on purpose – the director obviously has no time for these ghost programs himself! It’s humorous in the initial stages as you see the film crew desperately bribing people to say they have seen ghosts when on camera.

I should of mentioned this earlier in this Grave Encounters review but the whole film is based in an abandoned asylum. Yes I know, I know – not a bloody asylum again!!! But this is an altogether different experience to the $100 asylum shoots on YouTube.

Actors Worth Their Pay Packet

I have to make sure I give enough praise to the actors in this review as they are a much higher quality than the normal crowd involved in found footage ( don’t mean any offense but it is true! ).

Sean Rogerson plays Lance Preston who is the show’s leading man and producer and I thought he was excellent throughout. He seemed very shallow and demanding at first but once he noticed he was in the brown stuff his character developed a more serious side.

The crew also take a physic (Mackenzie Gray) into the asylum with them who turns out to be just as bent as the producer and film crew. You sort of sympathize with the characters once the ‘bad stuff’ starts happening because they had no belief in the paranormal to begin with – they were just con men out to film some decent footage!

Great Effects For a Handheld Camera Shoot

I think this was probably one of the first found footage films where I was genuinely impressed with the quality of the effects. The make up and the entities/activity was top notch really – very believable and frightening.

I’m not going to let this review descend into to much of a give away on what exactly happens but it’s down the same pathway as most of these films.

The activity and horror is very weak to begin with – a wheelchair moving about an inch and scraping sounds here and there. All of a sudden the female screams start and the cameras are pointing at the floor as our film crew ‘leg it’ from the pursuing nightmares!


I hope this review serves as a reminder to all you non-believers out there – found footage can be an incredibly enjoyable and frightening experience.

The first thirty minutes remind you of how boring found footage is and then you are quickly thrown into a nightmarish world of darkness and menace – nice!

As I mentioned above I could not wait to do a Grave Encounters review but I was not confident of doing it as a first post – I wanted the site to grow a bit first. If you are looking for a dark and claustrophobic horror movie that get’s you on the edge of your seat then this is definitely the film for you.

In my eyes a found footage great and certainly a horror classic! Have you seen the movie? do you agree with my review? Feel free to leave your opinion in the comment section below and I will respond as soon as I can……..



  1. I’ve seen the movie twice and I loved it both times. This is one movie that had me on the edge of my seat because ya never knew when something was going to jump out. What’s next? That asylum does not give up it’s dead. They stay as permanent guests.

    • Yeah it’s one of my favorites! The sequel didn’t seem to reach the same heights though – we will be reviewing it here shortly. Thanks for stopping by George!

  2. Awesome film! Even my mom liked it, and she tends to avoid these as much as possible, mostly because they tend to suffer shaky cam syndrome and she hates that, always telling me that’s not the way to film a good movie. If there’s a Triple F that can impress my mom, then it has to be good! At times they seemed to make fun of real life investigators such as Ghost Adventures. We loved the effects and the scary ghosts, and the actors were all quite believable. The sequel on the other hand was meh, it was not as good. The one thing I don’t like about this is that like Blair Witch, it inspired tons of low-budget nowhere-near-as-good copycats. That’s just sad in my opinion, because it makes the original look bad. But hey I so recommend this. BTW have you done the 2010 film The Last Exorcism?


    • Hi Christine,

      I don’t think I’ve actually written a review on Last Exorcism yet – I’ve got so many backlogged here it’s hard to keep up! I’ll get around to all of them eventually but time is the main problem at the moment. I think I’ve got at least 7 films I watched last week and I’ll end up watching at least 3 of them again because I never got around to reviewing them ๐Ÿ™‚
      The last time I looked I had about 60 odd films I’d watched ( that I remember ) that I haven’t managed to review yet – the site has really taken off so I may have to draft in some help before long!

  3. hey there. I would be glad to try and help out here if you need it. I saw your Visit review and it was good! How you like my thoughts on Grave Encounters?

    • Yeah if anyone wants to leave their own review in the comment sections below these published reviews that would be great – other people’s opinions help the articles/reviews evolve and help the website visitors make their mind up! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Sounds good I’d be happy to do to help your website continue to flourish Chris ๐Ÿ˜‰ BTW I think it’s awesome your Welsh, I’d love to visit the UK one day.

    • Cool stuff – go for it! I’m trying to get more reviews out this week but a new advertiser is trying to strike up a deal with me ( seeing what happens there first! )

  5. Yes this film is amazing – i first saw it a few years ago, and interestingly I’ve seen information that suggests there is a massive underground facility beneath the “hospital” in this film, which was doing a lot of strange Atticus institute style experiments –

    The CIA and other intelligence agencies around the world have long developed the capabilities to rig a building with a type of “Ghost defence system” where a variety of technologies can be used in accordance with Hollywood film set techniques which will literally scare someone so much they will genuinely believe this building is “haunted”. This system was developed to traumatize and potentially remove specific targeted individuals.

    • Wow Marley – mad sh#t mate!

      I will have to look into that ‘underground facility’ that sits below the hospital – never heard anything about it before but it sounds like a wicked conspiracy (it would actually make a great article for our Geek Article Section!).

      Thanks for taking the time to include this information on our review! ๐Ÿ™‚

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