Hakan Nordkvist in The……Future?

There are so many online opinions about Hakan Nordkvist in the future I just couldn’t ignore the story any longer. As you probably already know this is not the first Time Traveler we have covered on this site but this man does offer something a little different…..proof!

So You Found a Wormhole Under Your Sink?

I know what you’re thinking here because I was thinking exactly the same – I must have rocks in my head to be including this on my site!

Hakan NordkvistBut you have to understand that Hakan Nordkvist in the future is actually a viral unexplained story and there is some substance to it ( yes that’s right – I said there is some substance to it! ).

Let’s not beat around the bush – it’s easy to laugh this Swede off the face of the planet……until you see the video he released online!

I was much in the same mindset as you probably are in now and that’s fine – most people will be up until this point of reading. I have included the video release further down this article for you to make you own mind up – it has the unnerving habit of changing people’s minds……

The 30th of August

So the story starts off on the 30th of August ( which by pure coincidence is my son’s birthday! ) when Hakan returned home from a job in Färjestaden to find that his kitchen sink was ‘on the blink’.

So he gets out his trusty tool box and crawls under the sink to repair the problem and to his surprise he can just keep on crawling and crawling until he hits some sort of light!

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The light apparently turned out to be Hakan Nordkvist in the future – that’s right it was a 72 year old version of himself ( where is Steven Spielberg when you need him right? ).

The year was apparently 2042 and his future self was willing to go through a few mental tests to see if he was indeed who he said he was. He knew everything about Hakan’s childhood and even bore the same tattoo on his arm ( although a little faded! ).

Anyway check out this video and see what you think:

What I like about Hakan Nordkvist in this tale is that he doesn’t really give a ____ if you believe him or not – he believes it and to him that’s all that counts.

As with any piece of ‘far out’ evidence on the internet today there are calls for a hoax alert. The film that was made of Hakan Nordkvist in the future was actually funded by a failing pension funds company known as AMF ( Sweden ).

This by itself sets off a few alarm bells seeing they had the film of Hakan Nordkvist in the future embedded to their site!

Granted it probably wasn’t the best of ideas if you wanted the world to believe your story but hey – Hakan don’t give a s**t remember?

It’s the video evidence that puts this claim into it’s own category – it’s pretty impressive don’t you think? Obviously many attempts have been made to locate the other man in the video but they’ve all failed ( try looking forty years into the future mate! ).

What are your opinions on Hakan Nordkvist in the future? Do you think this video has any substance or is it just another oddball willing to risk prison over a suitcase of money provided by a failing pension company?


  1. He should get his tattoo removed, and see if all instances of the video changes. Still sounds like an add-attempt gone wrong, and he just ran with it alone because he has a sense of humor.

  2. I think the most believable part is how he acts, he seems genuinely happy and content about his experience. Someone should make a found footage film off this idea

    • Yeah it would make a great plot line, wouldn’t it Kevin? (it could probably be done on a shoestring budget as well!)

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