Hangar 10 ( 2014 ) – Rendlesham Forest UFO Sightings

Rendlesham Forest UFO Sightings

British Found Footage release Hangar 10 is a horror/thriller based on ​the Rendlesham forest UFO sightings of the 1980’s.

Being British myself and noticing many different online marketing campaigns for this film, I was quite looking forward to sitting down and reviewing it…

Better Than I Thought it Would be!

I have had the honor of sitting through quite a few Found Footage efforts from the UK but I’m afraid not all of them have been up to standard (some have been VERY poor!).

As I mentioned above I had seen many a pre-release marketing campaign for this film but I was still a little worried about how good it was actually going to be.

The main poster and cover they use for the film looked great – a guy standing on a gloomy English hill pointing a metal detector towards lights in the sky. The problem is, I have been burnt by impressive film covers before!

I’m pleased to report this was quite a worthwhile experience – it offered something new to the Found Footage genre and the effects and cinematography were quite impressive.

The film didn’t really ‘lull’ in many places and the story line managed to keep me gripped throughout…

The Plot

33 years after the famous Rendlesham forest UFO sightings, a group of friends descend upon the same region to make a amateur documentary on metal detecting.

They are planning on scouring the region at night to look for priceless Saxon gold and film the process along the way.

Our team of three is made up of Gus (Robert Curtis), who is the group’s hard man if you like (a little bit of an ‘army boy’ if you get my drift!). Then we have Gus’s girlfriend Sally (Abbie Salt) who is desperate to learn more about her new boyfriend’s passion (metal detectors!). Last but not least we have the cameraman Jake (Danny Shayler), who seems to have a bit of a soft spot for Sally.

It isn’t long before our group starts to experience strange going’s on in the forest – lights in the sky and scampering sounds across the leaf covered ground.

And then the real terror begins…

Rendlesham Forest UFO Sightings

Considering I’m one of the biggest geeks that ever lived AND I’m British I know surprisingly little about the Rendlesham forest UFO sightings.

I have to admit that since watching this film I have looked into the subject further and the reports that come from it are quite extraordinary. The more I learned about the subject the more effective the film became overall.

If you are thinking about trying out this film yourself then I suggest that maybe you should do a little digging on the subject first – it’ll make the whole viewing experience even better!


A damn fine effort guys – one the British public can be proud of (for once!).

Sure, there are a lot of ideas pinched from the classic Blair Witch Project but isn’t that always the case these days?

It’s not the best Found Footage effort I’ve watched in 2014 but it’s definitely within the top 5. I thought the actors were well up to the task in hand and very believable. They worked well together and there was a definite chemistry between the characters that worked.

What really made this film shine was the level of independent filmmaking effects – they were superb at times! I’m not going to ruin the experience for you by highlighting each special effect scene but it’s pretty obvious a UFO or two might appear during the course of the film (right?).

I thought most ( if not all ) of the UFO effects were up there with the top Hollywood blockbusters – and this was on a Found Footage film!

Great fun and very visually impressive in places – not the best Found Footage film out there but certainly one you DO NOT want to miss!




    • yeah I loved this one – I thought they did a pretty awesome job of mixing the CGI with the camcorder shots.

  1. I just saw this and found it really engaging, I was surprised at how lowly rated it was on imdb because this is far better than a lot of other stuff in this genre (would I be paranoid to think a possible hate campaign?). I would score it a 6/10 overall, taking into account the found-footage element.

    Sure, found footage usually scores lower because most of it is garbage and this *was* a bit thrown together, but I thought it was especially well-acted and the effects were decent enough for the most part – substance wise it was pretty piss poor – there wasn’t really anything coherent plot wise just a few sprinkled and very tired ideas (there was a moment where something sinister appeared to scamper across the treeline which led to nothing. Why?) but I took the standpoint of being along a journey with the characters and having their “understanding” of events knowing very well I wasn’t going to learn anything of the plot because that’s how these flicks operate.

    Actually seeing the hangar at the end was sort of a nice surprise, but I feel they tried too hard with the CGI here as it simply wasn’t strong enough for the scale of use – that said, whoever did do the CGI did fantastic work elsewhere – the derelict tree with the birds comes to mind, as well as the ship flying over. But too much stuff was thrown in here; dead bodies, secret complex, fungus, a UFO being tested on, cameras in the walls, more UFOs outside, Apaches approaching the UFOs etc. etc. Less is more, otherwise it comes across as a bit childish in concept which is seen far too often in this genre. Think the ideas through guys. don’t just throw in whatever seemed cool when you played Modern Warfare 2 years ago.

    • Hi James!

      Glad you found the film engaging – I thoroughly enjoyed this one because I knew nothing about it beforehand. I was expecting a super-low budget offering and was really surprised by the amount of CGI thrown in there!

  2. Great review Chris, glad I found this site as it has recommended me some really solid found-footage. Hangar 10, while not perfect, is definitely one of my favourite FF movies because the cast was so strong, and I thought the effects were great (mostly). I’m off to watch Evidence (2012) for another dose of creepy woods stuff >:)

    • No problems Nathan – glad you like the site 🙂
      Look forward to hearing from you again soon ( if you find any hidden FF gems out there don’t forget to let us know about them! )

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