Hangman (2015) – Movie Review

Hangman (2015) - Movie Review

Okay, got a pretty menacing new title for you this week that has finally made it’s way onto the ( illegal ) online film streaming sites – Hangman.

It’s a modern Found Footage ‘thriller’ put together by Simon Boyes and Adam Mason ( writer and director ).

It’s a pretty cool film overall with a decent degree of originality but unfortunately it steps into the Found Footage ‘WHAT!!!!’ zone a little too often.

You know the zone by now, the place where certain genre titles go to ‘lean’ on a few totally unrealistic ideas?

Yep, that’s the one!

Anyway, as I pointed out, I quite liked this one! So let’s take a look…

The Plot

Aaron Miller and his wife decide to take the two kids on holiday and pop off to some unknown destination for a couple of weeks ( well, it’s unknown to us! ).

They arrive home after their family break to find that their house has been broken into and the little shit has left the place in a bit of a mess.

They ain’t happy, but life goes on…

Anyway, the rather creepy perpetrator has decided that he likes the house and he’s not quite ready to leave yet.

Unknown to the Miller family, he’s actually living in the upstairs attic…


Okay, it’s probably best I cover a handful of the niggling gripes that got to me throughout this film!

First off the bat is the cameras…and that’s a strange one to point out due to the fact that this is actually a Found Footage film!

The menacing vagrant who decides to stay in their house attic, plasters their home with secret cameras before setting up a surveillance system ( also in their attic of course! ).

Now, I don’t know about you, but I know every corner of my house like the back of my hand. On top of that I’m a little bit arachnophobic ( and that’s probably an understatement! ).

Simply put – these cameras would have to be the size of a grain of sand for me to not notice them fixed to the corners of walls.

There would probably be a ‘SPIDER ALERT, SPIDER ALERT!’ within 10 minutes of me being in that house!

Of course, there wouldn’t be any spiders…but there would be tiny cameras that looked like spiders fixed around the decor.

The second problem I had with the film was the complete lack of worry displayed by all the family members except the mother.

If your house has just been invaded, ANY sort of dodgy episodes or noises would cause you to belt out of the front door and run screaming down the street.

Not this bunch…

The two kids and the husband seem to be completely at ease with the fact that they have just been broken into. Only the mother seems to be left in a paranoid mess!


Even though the film steps into the ‘Twilight Zone’ of sense at times I still pretty much enjoyed it.

I think the menacing factor kept it going in the right direction even though the realism slipped at times.

The ‘Hangman’ was a great character – one you will not forget in a hurry.

All of the actors seemed to be pretty competent as well – they even drafted in Jeremy Sisto from Six Feet Under ( you’ll recognize him when you see him! ).

I did feel that the film lagged a little in the middle section – sometimes the story felt a little bit stretched out so it could hit that magic 80 minute mark!

Overall it was pretty cool – don’t let the lack of realism put you off.

Watchable, menacing and at times quite gripping – a worthwhile experience.

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  1. Wow, talk about a creepy protagonist!
    The crying parts really amped up how damaged he was, as well as being a brave acting choice. I thought this one was well budgeted and well acted – even though i don’t like seeing an actor I’m already familiar with in a FF movie (I’m looking in your direction, Siskel!) 😀

  2. Excellent review man i was really hoping you liked this movie as well i watched it the other day and i loved it im glad u did aswell also i cant find The movie Found Footage 3D (2015) anywhere can you? Also theres a movie coming out go to youtube type in Hardcore Henery trailer 1…. It looks amazing its not foundfootage the entire movie is in first person shootter.so i feel it has a found footage element please check out the trailer on youtube thanks ill get back with more

    • Hi there,
      Yeah a subscriber sent me the link for Hardcore Henry last week – looks pretty cool!!!!

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