Happy Birthday, Brenda (2016) – Movie Review

Happy Birthday, Brenda (2016) - Movie Review

Before I start with this one I should point out that this is going to be a relatively shorter review due to fact this indie offering is only about 15 minutes long.

If I get a little bit too in depth about it I fear I will give too much away – and I don’t want to do that as I quite enjoyed the 15 minute experience!

This week I was lucky enough to be contacted by yet another indie director – Rory Abel from Quiet Box Productions.

He simply informed me that they were in the process of starting out a festival period and looking to drum up some press for the film…

Would I be interested in reviewing it if he showed me a screener?

Hell yeah I would!

As you already know (and I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions) being contacted by indie producers can be pretty hit and miss.

On the one hand I could end up viewing a little gem whilst on the other hand I could end up sitting through absolute sh#t!

Thankfully this offering leaned more towards the first scenario!

Anyways, as you can see from the headline of this review the title of the film is Happy Birthday, Brenda.

The Plot

Well, it’s Brenda’s birthday!!!!!

If I go any further than that I’ll sort of give the game away (and I doubt Rory would be that chuffed with me!).

The Ins & Outs

I think the main thing that stuck with me after watching this film was the overall boldness of it – it didn’t hold back on the gore front.

I was born in ’75 so I grew up through the 80’s and 90’s gore fests on the horror scene…therefore I love ’em!

This baby didn’t hold back, and the actual scenes of violence were really quite realistic overall.

It also had a decent ‘twisted’ quality to it – I suppose you could call it a dark love story…at a stretch!


I could find no real reason not to enjoy this film – the 15 minutes seemed to fly past in 5 and it was easy to sit through.

For a Found Footage short the acting was actually quite impressive with the lead female (who plays Brenda) stealing the show!

Now, I was invited to watch the film through a online screener with a password – unfortunately I’m not able to post that here without Rory’s permission.

What I’m going to do is ask him to leave a comment in the section below letting people know when and how they are going to be able to view the Found Footage experience.

Anyway, keep checking the comment section below as I’m going to send the link of this review to him today – the film is definitely worth 15 minutes of your time!



    • Hi Brian,

      Currently waiting for the film’s maker to post in the comment section here – he sent me a screener so it’s not quite public yet. I have let him know that the review is up and running and sent him a link – when he is ready to release it to the public he will/should leave instructions here!

  1. Hi Brian,

    So glad to see that you liked the film. As I told you the film is entering its festival period but since it’s horror most won’t start until later in the year.

    Anyone who’s interested in following the film should like its Facebook page, which went live yesterday! We’ll be posting all screenings and press there.


    Rory Abel
    Director – Happy Birthday, Brenda

    • There we have it guys – awesome stuff! Just hit ‘Like’ on their Facebook page and you get to watch a tidy little horror short! If you know of anyone else who might enjoy the film simply share their Facebook page!
      Thanks for getting back to us Rory – let us know if there’s anything else I can help you with 🙂

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