Happy Camp ( 2014 ) – Missing Person Police Reports

Happy Camp ( 2014 ) - Missing Person Police Reports

​At last, my Found Footage crap-house duck has been broken! After recently having sit through a few of the sketchiest efforts the genre has to offer I finally hit a little respite…

Happy Camp is a horror story that centers itself on missing person police reports from a National Forest area.

It wasn’t a great film but it certainly beat the shit I’ve been sitting through over the last fortnight…

Good Old Drew!

Most Found Footage films that I’m unsure about do little to put my mind at ease during their initial stages. Happy Camp however, had a set list of title credits which were pretty well laid out between mockumentary snippets.

During these credits I noticed that the film was actually released by Drew Barrymore’s production company Flower Films.

This reinforced my hope that I was finally sitting down to a film that wouldn’t make my eyes and ears bleed. Surely there was SOMETHING worthwhile in this offering?

The Plot

The film is based in the vast wilderness of the Klamath National Forest where there have been numerous missing person police reports over the years.

A young man named Mike is returning to the area with his ‘film crew friends’ to face a few demons. You see, as a child, Mike was adopted by a family in this area and ended up having a step brother ( I’ve completely forgotten his name! Sorry! ).

This particular step brother ends up becoming one of the missing hundreds in the area after a day out exploring with the young Mike.

The foster parents slowly break down and poor old Mike ends up back in the parent-searching system. He’s now returning to Happy Camp to face his demons on camera and get to the bottom of these strange disappearances.

Missing Person Police Reports

For the most part the film is pretty cool but it manages to fall down at the very last hurdle. In my opinion this hurdle should of been cleared with meters to spare!

The hurdle in question is the CGI – whoever this animation company is it’s a safe bet they’ll never work for Disney.

The ‘creatures’ at the end of the movie are nothing less than terrible. Found Footage has moved on from this sort of amateur cartoon work – even the zero budget offerings manage half decent programming these days!

Apart from that the film was reasonably well put together. I wonder if Miss Barrymore got to witness these effects before the film was released?


Not at all bad really – if you can look past the dreadful amateur CGI creatures at the end.

Decent story, half decent actors, good cinematography and a slow but decent build to the climax.

I did feel that the film lacked a little bit of tension here and there. The plot/story was substantial enough but there was no real tension built until the end of the film ( then the shitty CGI ruined that! ).

Films like Blair Witch, Willow Creek and Exists have managed to draw as much tension as possible from rural forestry locations. This film seemed to pass up on the opportunity to follow suit and that was a pretty strange decision.

Overall it wasn’t half bad – not the best I’ve seen and certainly not the worst either. I would suggest maybe hiring another effects company on their next project because these guys sucked ass!

Worth watching but don’t expect a classic…




  1. Hi Chris, I saw a clip of this on Youtube some time ago and was going to look into it, but then forgot until I came across your review, which although does not give the film top marks does encourage me to watch it, if only to see the cock up they made with the CGI, there is no excuse these days for sloppy effects.

    Am I right in thinking the stepbrothers name is Dean?

    • I’m trying to think what his name was…I think it was Dean but I can’t be sure ( watched it about a month back now! ). Yeah it’s a decent Found Footage movie but the effects near the end were a little scatty at best – you could see the jerky movements of the animation program!

  2. Thanks for the review. I am always looking for another film to watch. I enjoy the found footage genre. Even though you don’t give it rave reviews I still might watch it. I used to watch more horror movies. When I was pregnant with my last child I watched all kinds of horror movies. Now I work on my website and concentrate less on tv. I recently finished watching all even seasons of the show Frasier.

    • Cool Melanie, glad you enjoyed the review!
      Oh…and good luck with your website 🙂

  3. In my experience this genre is among the most hit-and-miss of all movie genres. Some of them can be good, but most are not. I am glad someone like you has taken time to review them! This film seems like it might be worth a watch; bad special effects don’t normally ruin a movie for me. Also, how do you find places to watch movies like this?

    • Ahhh that’s the million dollar question isn’t it Justin LOL

      It’s pretty simple really – look for the dodgiest looking illegal film sites and you’re bound to find some Found Footage beauties!!!

    • Hi Scott,

      I didn’t download it – I found it on one of the Putlocker Sites ( streaming sites ). I think it was Putlocker.ws

  4. This movie actually looks intriguing yet the effects as you said might turn most people away from being able to enjoy it. I have not heard of it before but will put it on my movie list since I for some reason like watching any movie I have not seen, even the really terrible ones. Thanks for your post, I will be checking it out soon.

  5. Just watched Happy Camp thinking maybe the end wasn’t as bad as suggested. It was definitely that bad. Pretty good up until then, I thought. By the way, thanks for all the movies listed here. I didn’t realize that so many other people enjoy found footage movies.

    • No problems Patrick – nice to meet you!

      Glad you find our content useful – Thanks for supporting the site 🙂

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