Head Case (2007) – Movie Review

Head Case (2007) - Movie Review

Okay, today we will be taking a look at the found home movies of the Montgomery family – not the type of family you’d necessarily want as your neighbors (and I’m not talking noise pollution here!).

I’d heard a lot about this movie beforehand but something surrounding the synopsis or plot of the story kinda put me off – I’m not really an August Underground type of guy and I thought this sounded a little too similar for my tastes.

Anyway, it’s Found Footage and there are more than a few fans out there…so it deserves it’s place on this site (finally!).

The Plot

On the outside, Wayne and Andrea Montgomery seem like your typical American parents. They have the kids (a son and daughter), they have the middle class house and they enjoy ginger ale…that just so happens to be laced with some kind of sleeping agent!

Yep, Wayne is a f##king psycho – and his wife Andrea is not far behind!

Some husbands like football, flying drones, drinking with mates at the pub or fishing – Wayne likes to film his own murder sprees.

Andrea is pretty cool about all this, she wants her husband to have a hobby…as long as he doesn’t cause too much of a mess.

Cue a pretty twisted Found Footage film…

The Long & Winding Road

I’m not going to beat around the bush here because this film could well of been an excellent addition to the Found Footage genre…if they shaved about 20 to 30 minutes off the running time!

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s only so many horrific murders I can watch within a time period before getting a little bit bored!

From time to time you get Found Footage examples like Head Case – a lot to offer but unfortunately stretched out to the complete limit.

If I’m honest, it kinda ruined the whole experience for me (which was a rather positive one during the initial scenes of the film!).


This film is roundabout nine years old now so you have to give it credit for it’s bold approach as Found Footage was not as big then as it is now.

As I touched on above, I thought the main problem with the film was it’s actual length, which ended up ruining the lead characters.

The film was crying out for Wayne (played by Paul McCloskey) and Andrea (played by Barbara Lessin) to be uncompromising and terrifyingly unforgettable…but they ended up being a little bit annoying.

I thought the director (Anthony Spadaccini) should have spent a lot more time molding Wayne and Andrea into completely creepy entities, but in the end you just get to see way too much of them and their satanic hobbies.

Sometimes less is WAY, WAY more!

The extended dialogue seemed to take all authenticity away from the murderous pair – I finished the film struggling to believe that they were capable of the crimes they committed.

This unfortunately, was a big red mark against the experience.

At the end of the day the film is a rather boring string of random scenes of violence and post-mortem mutilations, but it could well of been so much more.

The cast, and their level of talent was okay, but nothing to write home about. Overall I think I have more time for the acting talents of the two kids as opposed to McCloskey and Lessin.

About an hour before I wrote this review I was informed that this film is actually the first part of a trilogy (the next part is apparently called The Ritual).

Am I looking forward to watching the remaining two segments?

No, not really!



  1. Hi Chris, thanks for another recommendation. This was a bizarre and disturbing one. The wife was annoying as hell but her reactions made me chuckle a few times. The worst scene I’d say was that interaction between her and her mother-in-law, it showed everyone’s acting weaknesses right there, but overall the movie is so bizarre I found it extremely interesting and entertaining. Best of all, I watched the whole thing on YT that someone posted about 6 years ago. Thanks again for referring to movies I’d never heard before.

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