Heidi (2014) – Movie Review

Heidi (2014) - Movie Review

Another one that slipped under the radar – it’s amazing how often that happens with Found Footage films, isn’t it?

Anyway, those of you that are over the age of 18 will probably remember the Child’s Play horror series starring a sadistic little fucker named Chucky – he was a cursed doll.

Heidi is pretty much a Found Footage version of that idea, which is quite a unique angle for once.

Any good?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Plot

After discovering a mysterious doll in an old woman’s attic, two high school friends are increasingly plagued by a series of disturbing and unexplained events….that obviously involve the doll!

The Swiss Alps

Okay, those of you with an IQ above 10 have probably already guessed that this film has nothing to do with a pig-tailed girl living in the Swiss Alps, spinning around in circles singing shitty songs.

This low budget offering from writer/director Daniel Ray is currently doing the rounds on Amazon’s streaming platform (can’t remember the name ‘cos I never use it!) and every dodgy internet streaming site known to man!

So no pig-tails here – this Heidi definitely ain’t cute and I doubt very much she can hold a tune.


Sort of still sitting on the fence with this one a bit – which is probably a good thing as I don’t have the urge to come straight out and say it was shit!

The two main characters, Ryan (played by Samuel Brian) and Jack (Joey Bell), are suitably irritating throughout the film, but I’ve come to get used to that with Found Footage movies. To be honest, I sometimes think that annoying leads actually HELP the film progress through the typically dour build.

In this particular film the irritants are running a YouTube channel/show called Booya – it’s one of those prank shows that seem to find their way into horror plots more and more these days.

The film itself manages to work pretty decently at times because there is always a reason for the two lads to be using cameras – footage for their show of course!

I was also semi-impressed by the way Daniel Ray managed to make use of just about every camera option available to him…even footage from a nanny-cam teddy bear in some scenes.

The film is blatantly an indie horror offering but it is backed up with some visually interesting angles at times, giving it a much more professional finish than one would expect.

If I’m honest with you – this movie could easily have gone VERY wrong within the first 30 minutes, but it cleverly managed to sidestep any pitfalls…without being all that memorable.

I get the feeling that if this film had come out a decade ago, I would have been much more impressed by it. I’m sort of ‘all filled up’ on basic indie Found Footage at the moment (but I wasn’t back then!).

I’m probably being overly-harsh with this review so I’d definitely advise Found Footage fans to give it a go and see what they think – there is a LOT worse floating about out there with a much higher budget behind it.

P.S. Unfortunately the director, Daniel Ray, has opted to go with a soundtrack behind the footage. Thought it was worth mentioning as a lot of Found Footage fans really get pissed off by this sort of thing (including me!).



  1. I watched this after reading your post, I thought it was pretty good. I certainly found it more entertaining than Annabelle. Keep up the great reviews!

    • Great news! Glad you enjoyed it Craig! Thanks for stopping by and using the site 🙂

  2. Why can’t I find this movie anywhere? I saw the preview awhile back and have never found anything else about it.

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