Hell House LLC (2015) – Movie Review

Hell House LLC (2015) - Movie Review

Okay, this film pretty much ROCKED…but I have to draw your attention to something quickly before I carry on with the review!

A lot of you end up on this site because you are like me – a total Found Footage addict! But I do use another (slightly hidden) section of the site to drive large amounts of traffic here on a daily basis.

This section has been there for a while now…but I haven’t really taken the time to highlight it that well.

If you quickly check out the right sidebar of the site you will see this new, rather snazzy, button leading to a ton of geek related articles (check out the image below!).

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It’s a section that’s full of ‘Mulder & Scully’ type articles…if you catch my drift? I have five other ‘geek’ writers helping me out there so it’s constantly updated.

If you like anything to do with the occult, paranormal, extraterrestrial, cryptozoology or conspiracy theories…you’ll have a field day!!!

Right! With that out of the way, we can proceed…

I received a contact form message the other day from a guy named Howard Schuntetmann. He’s a regular to the site and he’s introduced me to a few titles in the past (very helpful).

He had stumbled across Hell House LLC and he couldn’t wait to inform me about it. In his own words:

“Letterbox.com went as far to call it the best found footage movie ever made!”

Well I certainly wouldn’t call it that…but it was a f##king awesome watch – so refreshing to get an indie title of this quality back in the genre!

So a big thanks to Howard for the basis of this review!!!

The Plot 

Five years after a strange malfunction causes the death of fifteen tourists and staff on the opening night of a Halloween haunted house tour, a documentary crew travels back to the scene of the tragedy to find out what really happened.

And the shit really hits the fan…

Man I HATE Clowns!

I love horror films – always have, always will. My dad was (is) one of those laid back guys that didn’t really give a crap about what TV program he sat me in front of as a kid (without my mother knowing of course!).

I think the first mistake he made was letting me watch American Werewolf In London at a (very) young age. He figured it was a comedy horror so I should be alright with it…

Cue the sleepless nights and waking up screaming in terror.

Anyway, he’d made a mistake but the gates were open – I needed to watch more horror and I needed to be more terrified.

Now, the one thing that creeps me out in life is a f##king clown – I don’t like ’em and I don’t like the geezers that dress up as them (they shouldn’t be allowed near kids in my book!).

Hell House LLC introduces us to a clown who sports harlequin clothes, is bald, with a corpse-like complexion, black lips, and blood-stained tears beneath its eyes.

That’s right – they put this freaky f##ker right into a Found Footage film…and it’s a stroke of genius!

Even if you didn’t have a problem with clowns BEFORE watching this film…YOU WILL by the time the end credits roll!

But it’s not the sort of ‘clown jumping out at you with meat cleaver’ gig – it’s a lot more subtle than that…


Yep, definitely a Found Footage film worth watching. Writer-director Stephen Cognetti has managed to get the ‘little things’ right in this movie – he definitely knew what he was doing.

I doubt he had a huge budget to put into this but you really can’t tell from the film put in front of you (to be honest, I was too busy enjoying the ride to notice any glaring mistakes!).

The film is basically a fake documentary Found Footage movie that is constructed of two different sets of Found Footage…that ends up being included in a third portion of Found Footage!

It sounds confusing but it’s really not – you’ll see what I mean when you watch the film.

So well done Howard mate – this basically made my weekend and I might even sit through it again tonight!

Found Footage the way it SHOULD be done for once – well worth watching!



  1. I liked it a lot. Clowns and carnival attractions are great subject matter for FF. Made me wanna watch “The House That October Built” again.

    • Actually did exactly the same for me – felt a longing to sit through The Houses October Built again! (which I probably will do this weekend!)

  2. This was a pretty good watch. Scary in a few parts but not too much for the senses. Not my favorite film but definitely a very good effort for the FF crowd.

  3. Hell House was great!! I thought it was reslly well done and thought the use of the clowns moving without moving was really effective!!

    • Yeah you can’t go wrong with clowns in horror films – freaky as f##k!

  4. Agreed with everything you wrote . Stumbled upon it on Amazon Prime. Creepy little gem.

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