HellTown (2017) – Movie Review

HellTown (2017) - Movie Review

This is yet another little beauty that was introduced to me by one of you lot (Howard again – if I’m not mistaken!), and boy was it a nice surprise.

Surprisingly, I don’t think it’s ever really hit a movie site or indeed a ‘traditional’ television channel, although I might be wrong…

It’s actually a feature length, first episode offering from a YouTube channel named #CrimeAdditcsClub and it premiered on 10/29/2017.

Before we go any further – if someone knows more about this bunch, could you please leave your info in the comment section below, as they’ve obviously got a lot of talent packed into their ‘group’ of sorts…

The Plot

In 1974, President Ford ordered the evacuation of Boston, OH. Theories as to why included the cover-up of a mutation-causing chemical spill; extreme paranormal activity; and Boston being taken over by a satanic cult. What really happened in Helltown?

Mockumentary Format

Over the last decade or so there seems to have been an influx of fake documentaries being released by well known television channels. The first I can remember was when the Discovery Channel went the route of Shark Week. Then I can remember the uproar when the much hyped Animal Planet special about mermaids ended up being a mockumentary…

I mean seriously…did people actually think a documentary on mermaids was going to be real?


Anyway, they cause a bit of a stir with non-Found Footage addicts, but I love ’em.

HellTown is no different – it’s a class act that’s been extremely well put together. Whoever created the storyboard for the project knew EXACTLY how this genre should work and what they could get out of it…if they followed the rules!

Which they did.


This is the type of review that leaves me scratching my head a little – I loved the movie, but at the same time I don’t really want to give too much away about it’s journey…

It’s kinda on par with recent releases like Savageland or Mortal Remains, as in, it starts off swinging one way…then ends up swinging the other.

At first you’re left wondering how the film’s going to keep you interested for 90 minutes…then before you know it the final credits are rolling and you’re left thinking “fuck me – that was GOOD!”.

The sad side of all this is that the project itself seems to have completely slipped under the radar in the horror community. If you search for information about it online you end up with a load of articles about the Ohio location, and movie reviews of a lesser movie named Hell Town (by director’s Steve Balderson and Elizabeth Spear).

I’m left wondering what the marketing department were doing when this film was released…

It’s a great plot/story, the actors are top notch, the cinematography is bang on and the general atmosphere of the movie is fantastic…

How could you fuck up marketing something that good?

Seriously – it’s not as if they didn’t have much money to put into the movie, because they obviously spent a bit on it!

Looks like it’s always going to be one of those indie horror mysteries that never really gets answered – maybe someone reading this will know more about it than I do at present??

Anyway, simply type ‘HellTown’ into your YouTube search bar and click on the first result (#CrimeAdditcsClub – HellTown S01E01). Then sit back and enjoy a quite excellent mockumentary.



  1. Have you seen June 9? It was the first Helltown feature-length film, shot as a found footage film. It is being re-released, would love to send you a screening link

    • That rings a bell Johnny…but it’s not up on here? Did it involve a few mad locals killing off some kids? (I don’t know why – but it sounds very familiar…)
      I may have watched it and forgotten to put it up on the site…

  2. Totally gonna watch this when I get home from work today. I noticed there was another video on YT called “Helltown part 2, 1 Year Later”. Have you seen it, Chris? Is it a sequel sort of?

  3. That was pretty good! I noticed the movie has several debunk videoes too on YT.

    • What are they like John? Did they relate to the same HellTown film, or were they based on another project?

  4. I may be late with my comment, but Hell Town was broadcasted on the cable channel Destination America in October of 2017 as part of their month long celebration of Halloween. It still can be seen on their website.

    A small streaming site that has this movie/mokumentary n there library if anyones wondering where to find it online for free, in good quality!
    Thats how i came across it, and this site, after i googled it to find out what it actually was, and why it was being labeled as a documentary! now i know.

  6. I think I will follow your advice and hit the ‘Play’ button. The movie sounds pretty interesting. I was looking for any kind of FF horror movie and this one catch my attention. Hope at the end it will be a nice experience (pretty strange to be said for a horror movie, I know)

    • Well I hope it’s a ‘nice’ experience for you too Leo! 🙂

      No seriously – it’s a good film. 

  7. Omg the first thing I thought of when looking at the cover image is KKK, but this one’s more scarier-looking. I’ve never heard of it so I checked out the trailers and you were right, it receives too little recognition for its outstanding quality. That’s it, I’m going to download and watch it now. Thanks for bringing this onto us my friend!

  8. I loved the way the movie Hell Town is reviewed.

    The marketing of a movie which is built on a great foundation with renowned stars and directors like  director’s Steve Balderson and Elizabeth Spear should be done prior to the release. That is what I am seeing in the Indian movie industry. A lot of promotions, video clips on an essential attractive segment like songs and dance or dialogue elevates the movies. Box offices capture the money. I am not sure why this was not done.

    I have not watched it but will in near future because of this review.

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