Hide and Never Seek (2016) – Movie Review

Hide and Never Seek (2016) - Movie Review

I first got introduced to this movie about six months ago but it was one of those Found Footage experiences that liked to keep itself hidden online. It’s a South Korean horror offering from director Doo-Hwan Lee and it’s not really made that many waves, due to it only really being available on Asian movie streaming sites.

The first copy I came across seemed to be the only copy online, on one of these Asian sites, but the video player was one of the worst I’ve come across – buffering every 50 seconds or so.

I’m pleased to report that it’s now up on a number of Asian streaming sites, with decent media players behind it.

The Plot

A broadcaster of live horror themed streams receives a video which contains a female high school student disappearing right after she was calling a ghost while playing hide and (go) seek alone. He then goes to investigate.

Asian Overacting

The sub-heading above does sound a little bit rude, but it’s a pet hate of mine that has shone through just about every decent Asian horror movie I have ever sat through – the overacting bug.

Now, it’s more or less likely to be the fact that the mannerisms are lost in translation with me – I don’t speak Korean and I don’t understand a single word of it.

But to be fair – this was the ONLY downside to the movie that hit me as I sat through it. The subtitles were clean, and well put together (no mad grammar mistakes that seem to pop up on certain foreign films these days!), and they didn’t detract much from the overall experience.


I know that a lot of movie fans hate experiencing a film that has subtitles, but more often than not, they really are missing out on a decent horror experience.

It was the same with the REC movies – certain people were happy to avoid them THEN sit through the American version Quarantine…which is really weird to me!

I opted to never include Quarantine on this site because it is basically the Spanish film, with the bird off Dexter!

It ended up kinda reminding me how thick some westerners are!

If you do decide to pass up on this movie due to the subtitle angle, you will be missing out on an interesting plot, some genuinely creepy moments and some quite impressive special effects…

That’s a bit of a shame really – isn’t it?

Besides – the lead character does a pretty awesome ‘celebration dance’ near the start of the film that is worth the ticket price alone (had me rolling about laughing!).

The film is a strong Found Footage project – a thoughtful and interesting plot (that swings one way, then the other), good cinematography, a high attention to detail and some decent ‘climax CGI’.

To be blunt – Found Footage freaks will like it, regular ‘film critics’ on IMDb (or ‘cocksuckers’ as I prefer to call them) will hate it flat out…

But isn’t this always the case with new and interesting indie Found Footage films?

Well worth a watch in my book – just make sure you search around for one that has a decent media player online (‘cos that buffering was seriously irritating!).



  1. I absolutely loved this film, the main character had such charisma and style, and it was intense for a comedy.

    • Yeah I took to it as well Matt, although I didn’t realise it was a comedy….
      (I must be getting old!) 🙂

  2. Hello Chris,

    It is disappointing when reading that the acting in films such as this is of a poor quality. While the film industry is a business like anything else, there to generate returns for investors, I find it hard in this day and age to accept that film studios (not matter how big or small) regularly underestimate the importance of quality productions and by that I include overacting as poor quality. 

    I find often much of foreign film content is lost on us as we are not Korean and this is reinforced by the lack of connection to the gestures which only natives would fully appreciate.

    Thanks for an honest review.


    • That type of thing is always going to happen with subtitled films Richard – we are always going to lose some sort of quality through being lost in translation etc. 

      Not necessarily the film studio’s fault…

  3. Hi Chris, thanks for bringing this movie to my attention. After seeing the trailer, which was quite mind gripping, I will check it out and watch it. The picture quality is impressive and I didn’t see any sign to say the film was made in a shabby way. It seems it was well thought out and budgeted for, i just don’t understand why it didn’t make it to the main stream platform. Will definitely check it out, cheers. 

    • Hi Samson,

      I think the language side of things has kept it away from the main stream platforms so far, I definitely can see it hitting them sometime soon though! 

  4. Heard a few things bout this – never seen it, reading the story I think that it’s going to be an interesting movie to watch. For me personally, the sub-title would not be a big issue for me because I’m used to watch similar movies that have sub-title. Since I’m in the mindset and emotional state to watch this movie, I wonder if you could show me a website that I can watch it. I will be grateful for it. Thanks. 

    • Hi there Kuu, 

      Have you tried one of the Putlocker sites or Sockshare yet? It’s also worth Googling the title of the film because there are a couple of Korean film sites online that are showing it (for free!).

  5. Very good review on Hide and Seek, 

    I do usually try to avoid subtitles, I usually find them annoying, however your review made me want to check it out. 

    Is there a preferred site you would recommend to see this film or others like it?

    Keep up the good reviews, I look forward to seeing more.


    • Hi Jim, 

      I actually watched the film on an Asian streaming site, but I can’t remember the name of it! Try googling the title of the film and it should be the first result that pops up (hopefully!). 

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